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Print Your Own AR Cards for 3DS

Print Your Own AR Cards for 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The 3DS allows players to experience a touch of augmented reality with AR cards. Want to join in? Print your own!

Since the Japanese launch this weekend, new adopters have been going gaga over the new tech, which allows you to plop the included cards onto a surface and watch as your favourite Nintendo characters emerge from them. See how it works in a series of short hands-on videos.

Image for Print Your Own AR Cards for 3DS

Nintendo are also including the supporting material online, and alongside the 3DS instruction manual, are the included AR cards in handy PDF form for printing!

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    27.02.2011 01:40



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    Staff MemberOur member of the week

    Wait, what? You can actually print your own AR cards and they will work? Or did I miss something here?

    ( Edited 10.08.2013 21:22 by Guest )

    Cubed3 Reviewer/Feature Writer | Twitter | Backloggery
    Senior ModeratorStaff Member

    I guess the way they work is that the program in the console recognizes the card by what's printed on them, masks them through the software, and replace them with a 3D object. The cards themselves are just simple cardboard cards like playing cards.

    I also think that because it has a 3D camera, the console is able to detect flat planes in a 3D space like the real world through the use of cards, thanks to the difference of perspective between each camera and the fact that the cards are flat themselves. If that's the case, then this couldn't be achieved on a device that has only one camera... such as the NGP Smilie.

    ( Edited 08.07.2013 21:49 by Guest )

    Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

    The system or software just recognizes the images on them. So printing them out shouldn't effect it at all, unless the print quality was really bad, maybe.

    Also, Augmented Reality can be done using a single camera, an iPhone can even do it.

    ( Edited 08.07.2013 21:49 by Guest )

    Senior ModeratorStaff Member

    Marzy said:
    Also, Augmented Reality can be done using a single camera, an iPhone can even do it.

    But maybe not recognize flat planes to make objects run around them. It's one thing to incorporate a 3D object inside a real world image, but doing it so that the object runs around naturally in a way that feels natural might not be as easily done if the device can't grasp how the real world space is.

    The video that shows fishing on a wall says that much

    EDIT : maybe you can do it quite good with just one camera, from what I saw of ARDefender on IPhone just now, but I'm pretty sure two cameras must allow for better accuracy in the integration of objects in the scenery since it allows for better calculation of distance thanks to triangulation.

    ( Edited 08.07.2013 21:49 by Guest )

    Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

    Tracking a image and working out its plane of alignment is possible with a single camera.
    So what you see on the 3DS is certainly possible, and has been done, on both Android and iPhones. Theres a few apps that even use Dollar-notes as markers, so people dont have to print anything.
    Check this blog for lots of examples of AR stuff, most phone based;
    (The Qualcomm demos show a lot)


    What the 3DS lets you do...much like the have true occulusions. We dont see this on Nintendos demos yet, but its possible.
    You can have virtual objects that go both behind and infront of real world objects. Without a sense of depth all AR stuff is "pasted on" and wont ever go "behind" real objects.
    This is really a huge advantage for realism, as well as making more advanced interaction possible.

    Also, two other things;

    a) I'm part of a group working on a open AR system (

    b) Dennou Coil rocks. Seriously. Watch it.
    Its a great anime, set in almost totaly realistic very very near future where Augmented Reality technology has become common place.
    Its also funny, and has a great story that wraps up neatly after 1 season.

    ( Edited 27.02.2011 13:27 by Darkflame )

    Please give our little random review show a try;
    We have special effects and umm...stuff...
    Senior ModeratorStaff Member

    Darkflame said:
    What the 3DS lets you do...much like the have true occulusions. We dont see this on Nintendos demos yet, but its possible.

    Exactly what I thought just now. What I saw on IPhone on a few videos and what I saw on 3DS seems to use exactly the same tricks, so clearly the AR on 3DS still has room for improvement. And Nintendo had better be the first people to give it to the player, before someone else does, since it's the first mass produced device which is capable of taking 3D pictures and possibly videos in the future.

    Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

    AR Pokémon battles, anyone?

    I wonder if you can have multiple versions of the same card work on the screen. Probably. Smilie

    Staff Member

    Canyarion said:
    I wonder if you can have multiple versions of the same card work on the screen. Probably. Smilie
    That would be great.

    Staff Member

    I'm hoping the Pokemon Trading card game comes to the 3DS, and maybe allowing it to read real Pokemon cards (I've got loads), I guess it might take up a lot of space on the cartridge though.

    Stuart Lawrence
    Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
    NNID: Stulaw
    evan (guest) 11.04.2011 21:01#11


    NINTENDO (guest) 17.04.2011 08:56#12

    Are there more then just six cause I've had this 3ds for 5 days and have been playing with the AR cards the whole time and I'm bored with them... I assume that they'll make more in a few months...

    CJ (guest) 28.04.2011 09:58#13


    hi im 13 and i have the 3ds and no one i know have it i haves games street fighter and samurai charnecols for 3ds and can i add u please

    SHMA (guest) 22.07.2011 20:37#14

    uuuuhhhhh is that legal?

    Aguest (guest) 24.08.2011 10:29#15

    Would it work on normal printing paper?

    . (guest) 05.10.2011 17:20#16


    Chase Szoke (guest) 09.10.2011 20:19#17

    I love the 3DS do not let anyone tell you different.Smilie

    pokemon (guest) 20.10.2011 16:02#18

    I want a Pikachu card!

    dog (guest) 08.12.2011 22:59#19


    crystal (guest) 09.12.2011 06:27#20

    Smilie i lost mine!

    Syd (guest) 07.01.2012 16:04#21

    bad every 3Ds comes with those cards

    AsHELY (guest) 16.01.2012 19:38#22


    dyl (guest) 08.02.2012 22:06#23


    Vertigo (guest) 21.03.2012 20:42#24

    Sure you can.Here's my friend code!4124-5500-9734

    N.I (guest) 01.04.2012 22:16#25

    here is mine 4296 - 3494 - 6141

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