Which Zelda Dungeons do you Love?

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.02.2011 14

Which Zelda Dungeons do you Love? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Legend of Zelda turned the big 25 this week, and what better way to resurrect a video with a love for all things dungeons.

Aside from the main cast, the land of Hyrule and the mystical Triforce, nothing else truly defines the series than the dungeons that protagonist Link has to explore, solve and conquer.

Ravaged forests, deep underwater places, fearsome mountains and even the sky itself have all hosted new challenges for Link and here's a selection of some of my personal favourite dungeons/temples from a quarter of a century of The Legend of Zelda - including Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple, The Temple of Time from Twilight Princess and the epic Stone Tower featured in Majora's Mask.


The video is several years old and doesn't include some of the more unique challenges in the portable Zelda games but is a starting point to the question:

Which are you favourite dungeons/temples from The Legend of Zelda, and why?

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Water Temple OOT Smilie

The Yeti place in Twlight Princess was my favourate because, specificly, it wasn't a dungoen. Smilie

I love so many zelda dungoens, but also don't like how in most games they are pretty seperated from the landscape. I think Okami and BG&E pulled of the intergration better.

That said;

I also thought the water temple from TP was nice too - the cascadeing water staircase was a lovely idea.

Jabu Jabus Belly - The shear insanity of this I love. Its a wonderfull concept and its great to get away from "lava,water,rock" themes.

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Wow, let me think here. It's hard to remember all the dungeons. Here's some that I do rememember:

OoT Forest Temple. Great atmosphere. Oh and the Desert Temple. Great music I think.

LttP Castle, it was just so epic. I think I also liked the one where you kill skeletons with bombs. Was that an ice dungeon?

TP... Ah, the Temple of Time! Such a great atmosphere (especially when entering it).

Doesn't The Minish Cap have a nice one in a a house? Oh also one in the clouds (or is it the same?). I liked those.

I wasn't too fond of the MM dungeons, because they were just too big.
The Wind Waker ones were forgettable. I can't rememember any of them (although I have to say I only played it once).
The NES/GameBoy ones were pretty simple. Oh I do remember the cart one in... Oracle of Seasons or Ages, it was fun.

I feel like I forgot about great ones with very good puzzles... I mostly remember them by atmosphere.

I think the Forest Temple will forever be my favourite. Nothing beats the first time you see that twisted hallway and it's an iconic image that I'll never forget.

Image for

The music in that temple is some of the best found in any Zelda game, as well.

( Edited 27.02.2011 18:15 by Marzy )

I, for one, like the Water Temple in OoT. I always completed it before the Fire Temple so I had the Longshot for longer. Besides, the fight with Dark Link was great.

But my favourite out of that whole game had to be the Desert Temple. The music, atmosphere, items and boss fight were all exceptional.

The Gerudo training facility was pretty great too.

I haven't played a Zelda game in a while, but the dungeons that keep recurring in my mind are the forest, shadow, and spirit temples (OoT), stone tower temple (MM), temple of droplets (minish cap), arbiter's grounds, snowpeak ruins, temple of time, city in the sky (TP). I can't recall too many 2d ones. Like I remember A Link to the Past had incredible dungeons, but it's been so long.

Marzy said:
I think the Forest Temple will forever be my favourite. Nothing beats the first time you see that twisted hallway and it's an image that I'll never forget.

Image for

The music in that temple is some of the best found in any Zelda game, as well.

That's gonna be a trip fest in OOT 3ds xD
My favorite temple's are probably the forest temple and fire temple from OOT. The music has a brilliant feel to it in the forest temple and the fire temple has an epic boss battle Smilie

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Snow mansion from Twilight Princess is the most memorable for me, both because it is recent and it was pretty different. Loved the haunting music in it too.

The Sky Temple from TP was amazingly fresh too. Who says that game didn't do anything new? I need to play TP again.

The Lost Woods in ALTTP also sticks with me, even though it wasn't quite a temple in the traditional sense.

Like Canyarion says, it's a little hard to try and remember them all but gonna do my best to think of my faves.

TP: Temple of Time - was such a nostalgic feeling going back to the Temple of Time and I quite liked the music in this one too.

Snowpeak - Very impressed with the unique design of this dungeon. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

OOT: Forest Temple - The spooky music added to the creepiness of this one. I would crap myself every time I got into a room with the floormasters lingering above you.

Spirit Temple - Another temple with good music and one I really enjoyed when it came to the puzzles with the mirror shield. Cool how you had to go back and forth in time to complete this one.

MM: I really loved the Stone Tower Temple. It took a long time to complete this one, but it was really cool how the temple had to be flipped upside-down and then explored further to get through it. The music also changed when the temple was reversed.

I quite enjoyed the Earth Temple in Wind Waker, maybe due to the company of Medli. I enjoyed the co-operation work you had to do together, and had to switch between characters to get through it.

I also liked the Game Boy Zelda dungeons too, because they were very puzzle-focused, which is something I love about Zelda.

I am hoping Skyward Sword has a combination of everything we've seen so far in the Zelda series, but moreso from games like Majora's Mask and the Game Boy games, which are very puzzle-driven and just plain mad. I want some freaky designs with spooky music and insane stupid characters. The graphic style looks like it can allow them to get away with anything, so I'm hoping for some madness! Smilie

Is it weird that I only have Zelda dungeons I hate (doing) and the rest of them, I like/love equally? Smilie Maybe that's just due to my habit of playing through every Zelda game annually. Smilie Last year's was all of them with 100% Completion(Minitendo gallery in WW and MC was SO much fun, same goes for Skulltulas in both OoT and MQ) so this year's will be 3 heart challenges, at least in every game where that is possible. Smilie

Generally, I love dungeons for mostly bosses/minibosses and hate them for annoying puzzles or normal enemies. It's mostly the puzzles though. Smilie

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Say jb (if you read this), if I was to make my own video showing off my favorite zelda dungeons, could I use the C3 logo in it ? all material would be recorded off the consoles by me, so I'd own the video completely.

EDIT : Forget I said anything, might not be a very good idea after all.

( Edited 27.02.2011 23:45 by Kafei2006 )

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John (guest) 28.02.2011#12

Well my favorites are:

TP: SnowPeak, Temple of Time, I loved their appearance and feel.

OoT: Spirit Temple, my absolute favorite, love the sound and the ability to be both Links

MM: Great Bay, purely because it was a puzzle and a half

WW: Tower of the Gods, it really captures the past of Hyrule, and it feels eerie.

I can't remember much of the handheld Zelda games, but I can list some Zelda dungeons I cannot stand

My least favorite is the Temple of the Ocean King in PH, I do not like the fact that you get timed and then have to keep re-doing the whole thing over and over and over again.

I didn't like the Water Temple in OoT, too much going back and forward and switching stuff over.

And... If you consider searching the whole Great Sea for Triforce shards as a dungeon in itself then count that in and probably make that the number 1 worst thing about Zelda

Otherwise I love Zelda and most dungeons I've dealt with I really liked. I wonder how Skyward Sword will be?

I think you should make the video regardless, Kafei.

There are too many dungeons I like, it would be easier to just name the ones I didn't like. The first few dungeons were always the weakest in the 3D Zelda games. Once you move past the grass/fire/water dungeons, they become great.

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