Pro Evo 3DS Advertises Sony's PS3

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.02.2011 8

Pro Evo 3DS Advertises Sony

The 3DS version of Pro Evolution Soccer is shooting to be as realistic as possible - including pitch side advertising for PS3 and Sony's 3D products.

Whilst there's nothing wrong with promoting other versions of a game, there just seems to be a slight conflict of interest with Sony advertising clearly on display within a game for Nintendo's platform.

Image for Pro Evo 3DS Advertises Sony

Via Siliconera.

What do you think of the advertising - no harm done or should it not be used at all?

Box art for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011








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Well, Sony/PS3 does sponsor the Champions League, so I guess if it's in CL matches in the game, they are being true to the realism of football currently.

But I'm guessing these advertising boards are going to be in any old random match too. It's strange to comprehend when you consider Nintendo and Sony are in direct competition with each other. I wonder what Nintendo's take on it is.

It doesn't really bother me, but I do find it a little strange considering it's a 3DS game.

Thats pretty cool, also doesnt bother me at all.

That's actually pretty funny. At least it's not like "you must purchase the PS3 version of this game to use this feature".

And Banjo-Kazzoie for the Xbox 360 advertises the N64. The videogame console wars might be the friendliest battle ever.

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qwerty (guest) 28.02.2011#5

And this is news how? Smilie PES2009 on the xbox 360 had pitch side boards saying "Sony" and "Playstation" The Champions League is officially licensed in PES and Sony (as well as the Playstation brand) is an official sponsor of the competition. Part of the licence agreement with UEFA states that Konami MUST include official sponsors.

It's sooooo WROOOOONG!!!!!! T_T

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spiderfred1 (guest) 01.03.2011#7

im pretty sure that nintendo helped sony make the ps1...

matt (guest) 02.03.2011#8

yeah and if u watch football u will notice that 3DS is advertised as well so i think u will see 3DS adverts if not then why choose ps3 adverts when i watches a football match the other dat and it said 3DS all the way around the pitch so nintendo are obviously sponcering football now with 3DS

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