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By Adam Riley 23.03.2011 1

New Asphalt Nintendo 3DS Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Ubisoft has released a new trailer of its Nintendo 3DS launch game, Asphalt 3D from developer Gameloft. Asphalt Urban GT proved a lucrative release at the launch of the Nintendo DS, becoming one of the best-selling titles back in 2005 due to the lack of strong competition on the market, yet its sequel failed to set the UK charts alight later down the line. Now Gameloft has turned back to Nintendo's portable line after skipping the third entry, with Asphalt 3D being taken under Ubisoft's wing for a Day One release on Nintendo 3DS.

Check out the new trailer that focuses on the different game modes, the multiplayer mode and the complete StreetPass features present in the latest instalment of the famous racing game:


Namco Bandai's competition, Ridge Racer 3D, also arrives this coming Friday in Europe, and was recently rated 8/10 by Cubed3 (read the review here). Asphalt 3D will be reviewed soon to see whether it can match the standard set by Namco Bandai's long-running series.

Will you be picking up Asphalt 3D or Ridge Racer 3D as your racing game of choice at the 3DS launch?

Box art for Asphalt 3D








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Ridge Racer looks better, and I think this is the iPhone's Asphalt 5 with a few extras.

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