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By Jorge Ba-oh 30.03.2011 87

C3 | Add Your Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Want to share your 3DS Friend Code with fellow Nintendo 3DS owners? Be sure to add your code to our system today!

Your free Cubed3 account lets you comment on articles, post in our forums, post a blog and build a games collection/wishlist. With the same account you're also able to add your Friend Codes for Wii, DS games and now your brand new 3DS system!

Saving your Wi-Fi details is simple - just visit our Wi-Fi Manager to add or update your codes!

Once added, your code appears in your games collection, personal profile, user-card when posting and of course the Nintendo 3DS Friend Code directory. It's also inserted automatically when you invite other users by PM.

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    Lolapalooser (guest) 31.03.2011#1

    Sweet I added my code!

    Well I'm in now to read the list

    Jenny (guest) 31.03.2011#3

    Please add me! Friend code: 1504-5713-8623 (USA/Illinois)
    Just got 3DS and a few games: nintendogs and pilotwings resort. I did preorder Lego's Pirates of the Carribean for May!!!

    Just a quick point, but some of the numbers appear weirdly with extra hyphens. Mine appears as 5370--041-4-64-66.

    Not a major issue as all the numbers are there, just some look like that, whilst others are normal

    It's because some people have added the hyphens themselves. If you just do spaces, C3 will automatically add them. Smilie

    I've added mine, although there's not an awful lot you can do with it is there Smilie

    Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.
    guest (guest) 01.04.2011#7

    everybody plz add me name iz Chico 3780-9024-8266

    aaron (guest) 01.04.2011#8

    aaron friend code 3050 7571 4793 add me and i added you

    Ben (guest) 01.04.2011#9

    im ben mine is 2750-1107-3013

    DoriandHarke (guest) 01.04.2011#10

    This is my Friend code pls add me : 0903-2740-1736

    Bobby (guest) 01.04.2011#11

    Friend code: 1032-1245-5288 (USA/California- Bay Area)
    Games: Super Street Fighter IV, Star Wars III, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.

    On preorder
    Lego's Pirates of the Caribbean
    Resident Evil Mercenaries

    eric (guest) 01.04.2011#12

    My friend code is 4854-6442-4410.i have ssf4 plz add me Smilie

    BEN (guest) 01.04.2011#13

    Everybody ADD ME I ADDED YOU!!!

    no (guest) 02.04.2011#14

    go on your ds real quick

    peejay. (guest) 02.04.2011#15

    Peejay. 2234-7157-1463

    0731-4776-1420 Smilie Star

    ( Edited 02.04.2011 12:48 by star Smilie )

    star (guest) 02.04.2011#17

    add mehh Smilie 0731-4776-1420Smilie

    Curtis (guest) 02.04.2011#18

    Hi I added you. Add mine Smilie 3179-6093-7059. SmilieSmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

    Friend code: 0688-5261-1510 (USA/Michigan)
    Please Add. Thanks.

    Max (guest) 02.04.2011#20

    Add me
    Friend code: 5241-1938-2350

    victor (guest) 02.04.2011#21

    this is my friend code plz add me i added u guys 266421036554

    Tom (guest) 03.04.2011#22

    please add me: my name is tom: 5112-3403-1985

    Mg808 (guest) 03.04.2011#23

    Add me
    I got SSF4

    evan g (guest) 04.04.2011#24

    2234 7161 1982

    Junior (guest) 04.04.2011#25

    add me

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