chick chick BOOM Retro Relaunched

By Mike Mason 22.04.2011

chick chick BOOM Retro Relaunched on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Originally created for Easter 2007, chick chick BOOM transitioned over from PC onto WiiWare last year. As an Easter treat, developers tons of bits have re-released the original Flash version so that players can see how the WiiWare game evolved.

Dubbed as the 'retro version', you can give chick chick BOOM a go for free online right now. Of course, if you enjoy it, you can then log yourself onto WiiWare and play the even better Wii version, which Cubed3 reviewed here.

chick chick BOOM retro.

Have fun and we hope that this is an interesting insight to game development as you can see, feel and play the progress from the past to the present. - tons of bits

What do you think of the differences between the original and the WiiWare title?

Box art for chick chick BOOM

Tons of bits


Tons of Bits





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