Nintendo Worried About 3DS Magic

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.04.2011 20

Nintendo Worried About 3DS Magic on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Earlier this week Nintendo confirmed that the new 3DS was just shy of its 4 Million target. Reason why? A lack of 3D understanding.

The new console, which boasts flexible 3D images and wireless social features, isn't performing as well as Nintendo had hoped - not just in Japan, but on a global scale. The 3DS did come close to target, however - selling 3.61 million units from launch until March 31st, almost reaching the 4 million global target.

Iwata feels that the benefits of 3D without the need for special glasses and system features like SpotPass, StreetPass and Augmented Reality are worthy incentives for owning a 3DS.

It is now clear that the combination of these new features is not necessarily easy-to-understand by just saying one word to those without experience. There seems to be more than a few consumers who have Nintendo 3DS hardware but don't know about this software and possibly haven't had a chance to get interested in it.

Nintendo are currently touring various cities in key regions to try and give newer players a direct hands-on experience with 3D, the right way to hold the console and see the effect firsthand.

Various retailers are also attempting to spread the 3DS magic with staff members touting the new machine, however with a lack of a proper sit down with the 3DS instead of a passing glance, it still may proove difficult.

There is no easy road to making people understand the attraction of glassless 3D images and making Nintendo 3DS widespread.

Via Kotaku

What do you think are factors for Nintendo's slower-than-expected launch for the 3DS?

Should there be a bigger store/advertising presence to attract new potential owners?

What is the 3DS presence like in your area?

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Talk about a lack of understanding in general. I mean, I still have a hard time convincing some people that this IS NOT just another DS. Smilie

Sales will definitely pick up once games like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS all come out.

I think part of the problem (in the UK at least) is that there are no playable models in gaming shops. If you have to experience it to understand, then let people experience it!

Also, the sales are pretty good considering what's out for the DS (naff all) and like others have said, I'm sure it'll pick up once some decent games come out. I'm sure Nintendo aren't worried.

One thing that seriously bugs me is in-store presence. I've been to 5,6 video game stores in London and the setup is near identical - you've got one guy walking around or sitting by a table, holding a 3DS. He/she then calls you over, either showing games over the shoulder (3D looks blurry/not as effective), sometimes letting you hold the 3DS to view the 3D.

It's very quick and not very useful to really promote what the system can do. It really should be setup like the old DS consoles on a fixed booth with clear instructions - stand face on, 30cm away etc.

The way it's being done now is potentially counterproductive, causing potential adopters to look confused, dislike the 3D when it could be far better when you sit down and experience it properly.

Inconsistent prices in Europe don't help too much either - I'm sure little people realise it's selling for less than £200 now, when bigger brand stores in the high street still say "£220".

I do agree sales have the potential to increase with Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario 3D etc - but really you'd want the 3DS to do well with the third party offering from the start.

Still, it's no dreadful by any means, but could be so much better with a little thought to promoting the 3D properly.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Meh. It's all about having great software available at launch, games that will appeal to many and not just the few.

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

A few reasons for this.
The public, in general, is very dumb. So, when they see 3DS, they only see DS and think it's another iteration like the DSi.
Lack of quality software. This is my reason I don't have one yet. I'm gonna get it when really good games (other than SF4) come out.
I thought the release was rushed. Nintendo would've benefited if they released it a couple months later.
Bad luck with the earthquake too.

People into tech and have been gamers for a while will mostly get it, I got it before I touched one. People new to technology are usually deliberately ignorant. It goes to show the type of buyer attached to the DS family. I doubt people who own a PSP are going to be confused by the NGP.

But sales are slow because the software is crap. So many remakes where are the original titles.

I hate representatives that carry a demo console. They always start talking about purchasing or pre ordering and deposits. The best place is selfridges marble arch. the basement has a lot of tech laid out to be played with including the 3DS.

This is TOTALLY unsurprising. I have had my 3DS for a month now. I live in a MAJOR metropolitan area and even closer to one of the biggest tourist locations in the entire world... Care to guess how many times my Street Pass has given me notification? None. Not even once. Hell, I saw a kid playing Nintendimals today and got nothing. I was worried the mite's parents were going to to call the coppers under suspicion I was lingering about so long.

Furthermore: the game selection stinks, the built in bits are great but rely so heavily on social interactions, and the firmware is not even full tilt boogie yet so you have scads of icon taunting you every time you crack it open.

Nintendo released this baby half cocked. Seriously, what did they expect?

I just hope nintendo dont release their new console like they released the 3DS. Do they honestly think that small inbuilt software justifies RRP£220. No online store either, Its just poor and pathetic and cocky.

I think part of the problem is that they stuck with the DS style of naming. It doesn't separate it enough from the crowd, could of one with a completely new name and that would of set it apart significantly. It should take off during the holiday period. I can't wait for the games to start rolling in.

It needs more games; ones that make you go 'Wow, thats fucking awesome'

I don't know anyone locally (Except SuperLink & his brother) that owns a 3DS.


I have no idea wat it's like where you guys are from, but at my local gamestop (the bigger one that is (In Oslo)) there are two 3DS-es fully playable (with Pilotwings). It's not much but you get the chance to test it without some moron bugging you.

I agree that the games aren't that great though. I have street fighter (anyonecare to join, just PM me) but it is a port and fighters aren't that popular as they used to be. But it was the game I wanted the most and I am truly plying it a great deal. The online really works also Smilie I will be waiting for E3 for more announcments, not only from Ninty but I am sure 3rd parties are good along with some games that we will se and be surprised off.

And then comes May with the update. Truly wonder what they can do with that (I mean they must have some nice surprises up their sleeves)...

Another waiting game comes to be... Ahh.. Can't E3 be here already?

( Edited 26.04.2011 23:42 by EvonM )

Our member of the week

Not all the features of the console are available yet either Iwata ! How about releasing some games already , or bringing all the promised features such as improved connectivity between players ?

Sure what we do have is already an improvement over anything they've done so far, but that's still far from what they implied we'd be getting.

As it stands now, the system has a poor software line-up, lacks promised features, has a poor battery life and is still too expensive when you know how much it costs them to produce each unit.

Solve these problems, and you'll see your systems selling more, that's as simple as that IMHO.

( Edited 26.04.2011 23:53 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer
Windy (guest) 27.04.2011#14

What they are expected?
Most of the 3DS games are n64 remakes. OK I know some new games are coming for 3DS but they will be available only in Japan (tales of the abyss for example).
Until they do only remakes games I'm not going to buy 3ds. And what's that joke that no point card support
Nintendo WAKE UP! A good hardware without good games is only a my opinion...

Nintendo should have brought out at least one game that most people love such as Super Mario and Zelda. people care about seeing 3d on games that has doesnt make us feel nostalgic

I think there's several reasons:
- Not being able to really promote 3D without actually using the system
- Confusion about whether the system is next-gen or just another DS revision.
- Small number of games

and the one that's not mentioned often:
- The earthquake in Japan. With a large portion of the country in turmoil, I'm sure many aren't thinking about video games right now.

The one time I saw a shop not having just a pilotwings demo i was running the STIV intro sequence / FMV....which was 2D!
(yes the slider was up).

Also...why does everyone act like Ghost Recon doesnt exist O_o. Its an original, well reviewed game.
Not fantastic, but decent....yet in lists people keep saying the 3DS has nothing at launch. Baffles me.
What did the DS have again? Polarium and a Mario port? <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+. 

satsubatsu347 said:and the firmware is not even full tilt boogie yet so you have scads of icon taunting you every time you crack it open.

What are you saying O_o <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+. 

In relations on what satsubatsu347 said, thats pretty disapointing, i live quite far from Sydney so there will be a even less chance of meeting someone elce other then you're friends. I think they should do something similar to what they did with nintendogs: hold a meeting in a major mall in the city for all nintendog owners to come and meet up. That way i guess we can meet up and the public take intrest into what all the commtion is all about.

I would like to see more in the AR games and what not. It has awesome features, but the games that are out arent the best. Its better than the ps3 release. I just picked mine up this past weekend Smilie.. I love it. I also love the pokemon black lol too bad that isnt 3d.. I agree with Sonic_13 once those titles release (Zelda and any mario) people will go get one. I cant wait for netflix though Smilie I love the system. Battery life could be better but what can you expect when you have 2 cameras on and the 3d ramped up. When im playing Rabbid travel through time it lasts a while. I also turn my screen brightness down.

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