Mystery Case Files Nintendo Wii Update

By Adam Riley 26.04.2011

Mystery Case Files Nintendo Wii Update on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Following on from the massive success of Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir on DS, Nintendo has revealed details on the new Wii version. Entitled Mystery Case Files: Dust to Dust in the US and Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident in Europe, Big Fish Games returns to the fold with a sequel to the Nintendo DS hidden object mystery adventure that is set for release in North America on 27th June, 2011.

Players are tasked with using the Wii Remote controller as a tool for all Master Detectives in this mystery. This is the first time Big Fish Games Studios has ventured into Wii development, with the team mainly sticking firmly to the world of PC, but the team hopes to make a big splash with its innovative multi-layered hidden-object puzzles, a gripping mystery and exciting multiplayer modes. Below are some of the first details to be revealed:

You be the detective - Mystery Case Files is on the the Wii console for the first time, pairing intuitive Wii Remote pointer controls with innovative hidden-object puzzles. Go into the scene, scrolling and searching through a puzzle with depth, in order to find items necessary to get past baffling obstacles and solve the island’s long-buried mysteries.

Navigate the twists and turns of a gripping mystery - Malgrave Island was thought abandoned for years, but Winston Malgrave, the mysterious curator, has requested help collecting a dust-like substance spread over the island - the key to the survival of his beloved Sarah. Finding hidden objects to uncover more dust is vital to progressing through the story, but progress only reveals even more mysteries of the island.

Hunt co-operatively with friends and family or challenge them in three exciting multiplayer modes - Need help finding hidden items? Other players can join the adventure at any time to help find the items. When you are ready for more challenge, take your friends on in three fun multiplayer modes that will test your eyes and reflexes as you try to earn the title of Master Detective.

The first few of screenshots can be seen in the media folder below.

Box art for Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident

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