Jewel Time Deluxe Heads to Nintendo DS

By Adam Riley 27.04.2011

Jewel Time Deluxe Heads to Nintendo DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

O-Games has announced Jewel Time Deluxe for the Nintendo DS. Jewel Time Deluxe is packed full of gem swapping, Match 3 games, plus loads of new twist and turns to keep players entertained for hours. Offering new gameplay modes for increased enjoyment and longevity, Jewel Time Deluxe offers casual gamers a new Match 3 experience.

  • Six different game modes for hours of addictive play.
  • All new Isolation & Gravity Twist modes giving you more ways to play than ever before.
  • Play your way in Free Play mode or pit yourself against the clock in Time Attack!
  • Earn extra points when you create power jewels.
  • Infinite replayability with multiple levels of difficulty and unlimited levels of play.
Jewel Time Deluxe is out for Nintendo DS this Summer.

Box art for Jewel Time Deluxe








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