Mutant Mudds Still Coming, Will Be Revealed First Day of E3

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Mutant Mudds Still Coming, Will Be Revealed First Day of E3 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Those who have been following Renegade Kid's co-founder and director, Jools Watsham, on Twitter will likely have seen some updates on Mutant Mudds. The game was originally planned to come out for the Nintendo DS, as a 3D platformer. Unable to find a publisher for the game, it was put on hold and a petition was created for people that were genuinely interested in seeing it be released.

Fortunately, it seems to have paid off and Mutant Mudds appears to be under development again. Judging from the official Mutant Mudds Twitter and Facebook page, it would seem Renegade Kid have opted to make a 2D platformer instead of keeping the 3D environments.

The game is set to be revealed in a magazine, which goes on sales the first day of E3. Jools Watsham posted a message on his Twitter account saying: "I just sent off some Mutant Mudd assets to a magazine for the reveal. The issue hits newsstands the first day of E3. Am I excited? Yes!"

Furthermore, another message was posted on the official Mutant Mudds Twitter account, which said "Some photos were taken of me in action, taking down the Mutant Mudds. They will appear in a magazine that hits newsstands first day of E3."

Last week Jools Whatsam also posted a teaser video on his blog.

Box art for Mutant Mudds

Renegade Kid


Renegade Kid


2D Platformer



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I don't like the look of that character sprite, the 3D model looked better.

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