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By Adam Riley 29.04.2011 3

Murder in Venice DS Launch Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

City Interactive is back on Nintendo DS again with its new mystery adventure, Murder in Venice.

Murder in Venice tells the story of Vera, a young student involved in a spy game during her holidays in Venice. She witnesses the murder of an unknown man in the heart of Italy and her curious nature and innate thirst for adventure plunges her into the middle of a twisted KGB plot that dates back to the Cold War.

With the fate of the worl dat stake, Vera joins forces with a mysterious ex-KGB agent to thwart this deadly plot. However, nothing is as it seems. Can Vera trust a former spy? Join her in Murder in Venice as she searches for clues that will lead her to solving the murder and uncovering the fascinating idea behind the defection of a brilliant Czech scientist.

Check out the UK launch trailer below:

Murder in Venice is due for release in Europe this June, following May's launch of Chronicles of Mystery 2: The Secret Tree of Life, also on DS.

Box art for Murder in Venice








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Piotr (guest) 29.04.2011#1

I really like the look of this. Reminds me of Broken Sword visually. Is it more puzzles & story, or just hidden object?

Definitely watching out for Chronicles of Mystery 2 as well!

Murder in Venice is a story driven hidden object game, with puzzles and adventure twists, while Chronicles of Mystery 2 is more like an adventure game with hidden object elements and puzzles Smilie

Thanks for the response, pan_henryk.

Yes, Chronicles of Mystery 2 is very story-driven, with LOTS of different styles of puzzles, riddles and logic conundrums mixed in.

Murder in Venice, from what City Interactive told me, is more like Vampire Moon: Mystery of the Hidden Sun - i.e. a Hidden Object adventure with a few extra puzzles mixed in. Considering how much I enjoyed Vampire Moon, I can't wait for Murder in Venice Smilie The graphics DO look rather like Broken Sword.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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