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Sonic Generations for 3DS, Rayman Origins for Wii/DS?

Sonic Generations for 3DS, Rayman Origins for Wii/DS? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

An unconfirmed release list from US retailer GameStop suggests Sonic Generations, Time Crisis for 3DS and Rayman Origins, Call of Duty, Just Dance 3 for Wii.

Earlier today GoNintendo picked up a handful of potential release dates for all three of Nintendo's platforms, including several unconfirmed titles. First off - Sonic Generations, currently in production for Xbox 360/PS3 is said to also be zipping onto Nintendo's latest 3D portable, despite skipping Nintendo alltogether. If true SEGA's blue mascot would be joined by a version of Time Crisis for 3DS.

Also penned down is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries for 28th June, Cave Story 3D on 9th August, Driver Renegade on 30th August and finally Star Fox 64 3D at the beginning of October.

On the Wii front, the GameStop list includes The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as 1st November, Just Dance 3 a day after and an unconfirmed Rayman Origins for both Wii and DS. The prequel is currently only available as a Xbox 360/PS3 download, but if the lists are true, then would be making the limbless leap onto the Nintendo retail scene as well.

The next Call of Duty installment is noted as a Wii/DS release later this year.

  • GameStop Wii release dates (unconfirmed)
  • GameStop 3DS release dates (unconfirmed)
  • GameStop DS release dates (unconfirmed)
  • Whilst there's a strong likelihood of most of the projected release dates being true or near-enough accurate, consider these dates as rumour for now.

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    08.05.2011 21:41



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    Another Call of Duty already? Not sure I'm buying it. Unless Infinity Ward got the rights to the series back and have been making one, or something.

    NNID: crackedthesky
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    Staff Member

    justonesp00lturn said:
    Another Call of Duty already? Not sure I'm buying it. Unless Infinity Ward got the rights to the series back and have been making one, or something.
    Infinity Ward never owned the rights to Call of Duty. Activision holds the rights to the series, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have always taken turns in developing games for the Call of Duty series.

    Infinity Ward have pretty much collapsed since Modern Warfare 2, hence why the latest installment of the series is being developed by 3 different companies. (Sledgehammer Games will assist Infinity Ward in making the single player campaign. Whilst Raven Software will be handling the multiplayer aspects of the game.)

    The latest title is rumoured to be a prequel, with Ghost playing the lead role.

    ( Edited 09.05.2011 05:15 by Mush123 )

    Staff Member

    The second half of the year's going to have some great releases by the looks of it Smilie, and that includes Driver: Renegade.

    As for the prospect of Time Crisis 3DS, how will that work? I guess moving the reticule around with the stylus, shooting with the trigger, and when you take the stylus off, you duck for cover.

    Sonic Generations looks good, but if it was for the 3DS, why didn't they announce it with the initial trailer?

    The rest besides Rayman Origins being on Wii/DS (if that's true) aren't that surprising, Star-Fox in October and Skyward Sword in November sounds right.

    Stuart Lawrence
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    Staff Member

    Origins has a good chance of a Wii/DS appearance since it has moved to a retail release on the other machines already. I can see a Sonic Gen on 3DS using an upgraded Rush engine as Dimps have been rumoured to be updating and moving it to the hardware, though it wouldn't surprise me to see the main Gen game be a Cafe/Wii2 launch title next year.

    Sonic Generations seems one of the most crazy ideas I have ever seen...basing a whole game around a slight artistic difference that happened rather obviously as you switch to 3d.
    I mean, neither is the "original" sonic, as they are both 3d...really you need one 3d one and one 2d one.

    Please give our little random review show a try;
    We have special effects and umm...stuff...

    Im expecting Sonic Generations to be on Nintendos next console, only because of the lack of Nintendo being mentioned up to this point.

    Exciting stuff. I'd like to see it on the 3DS.

    SINCE 06

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