Cave Story 3DS - New Gameplay Footage

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.05.2011 6

Cave Story 3DS - New Gameplay Footage on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Footage from an early version of the 3DS Cave Story remake was demoed last week, revealing the updated look in motion.

The game, popular amongst retro fans and action/platformer fans alike, originally started life as an indie project by a chap named Pixel. He coded and designed the entire game from scratch as a traditional sprite-based side-scroller inspired bty classics like Nintendo's own Metroid.

With a strong following now, the game is being remade in full 3D for Nintendo 3DS, including polygon-based models and environments, lighting and 3D gameplay that tries to mimic the precision of 2D sprites.

Snippets of the game in action were shown during GameSpot's Daily Demo, revealing the updated 3D visuals in motion, the new art style/direction and our amnesiac silent hero in his new 3D skin.

Box art for Cave Story 3D





2D Platformer



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Total waste of time and money, the development costs should have been put towards a 3DS version of La-Mulana, not this cash-in.

This looks OK, but it will cost the full price of a 3DS game, and when cheap updated WiiWare & DSiWare versions contain the bulk of the game...

( Edited 16.05.2011 13:33 by Squidboy )

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Riamu (guest) 16.05.2011#2

This game isn't a waste of time and money, it is loved by loads of people and has been made into a wii, DS, PSP, Mac etc version. This is a complete remake that also includes new ideas that weren't included in the original.

I for one am definately buying this game

AdamC3 (guest) 16.05.2011#3

Makes me yearn for LostWinds 3D!

I'm still waiting on Cave Story for DSiWare in Europe...

Riamu (guest) said:
This game isn't a waste of time and money, it is loved by loads of people and has been made into a wii, DS, PSP, Mac etc version. This is a complete remake that also includes new ideas that weren't included in the original.

I for one am definately buying this game

So you are saying you're willing to pay 40 pounds for a game with a minimal amount of extra content, and 3D visuals which have little to no impact on gameplay, and you've played the game before?.

After the PC original and the WiiWare game, I'm pretty much done with Cave Story. I'll probably buy it when it hits the bargain bin though.

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Our member of the week

The simple fact that it's finally a physical copy of the game is a huge accomplishment and a reward to its original creator who put so much effort in creating it. I love the game but hate downloadable stuff.

I played it for free on GP2X first (which if you except the additional content from the DSIWare version, is a much better handheld version since it runs at the native resolution, whereas the DSi can't do 320x240 and limits the view to 256x192... and that version is available for FREE ^^) but finally getting a boxed version which looks like it will be the definitive version of it makes it the most valuable cave story package to date considering the additions over the Wiiware version.

Sure for someone who already paid for this game before on Wiiware or DSiware I understand it might not be as interesting since at core, it's essentially the same game as before, but for those who never paid anything for this up till now, this is the best opportunity they'll get to reward Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya for its awesome work. And to me... this is one of those rare games which I can tackle again and again and again... without getting sick of it. Few games have that effect on me. Super Metroid or Super Mario RPG do, among others. I place Cave Story on level with those two.

Now for this 3DS version, I hope they include a mode for playing it with the original 2D graphics... saves me from carrying my 3DS AND GP2X around for playing both versions Smilie

( Edited 16.05.2011 15:01 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I have it on Wiiware and it is a blast. I was hesitant at first of a 3DS version but seeing the new video really makes me want to go on this journey all over again.

@Kafei2006: I'm with you. I've played Super Metroid from start to finish about 6 times and Super Mario RPG I've done 3 times. I own both on SNES and SM on VC for the convenience of it (and because my SNES can't be played since the power source connector on the back of it broke) and will get Super Mario RPG by the end of the year to take advantage of the VC suspend function.

Could Nintendo and Square get together to give us a sequel?

( Edited 18.05.2011 17:18 by EdEN )

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