Debut Screens for Nano Assault 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.05.2011 5

Debut Screens for Nano Assault 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The first snaps for the latest 3D shooter by Shin'en reveal a more organic look as players combat a new cellular enemy.

Earlier this week publisher Majesco uploaded the first stills from the new 3DS project, with a handful of new details on what to expect.

Image for Debut Screens for Nano Assault 3DS
Image for Debut Screens for Nano Assault 3DS

In Nano Assault the aim of the game is to pop into a teeny, tiny Nanite ship and shuffle deep into a body to destroy the deadly Nanostray virus. There'll be 32 twisted cell stages and ten extreeme bosses including the deadly Hyper Blob, Black Nucleus and Spore Plants. Combat is enhanced through all sorts of new weapons - lock on beans, energetic bombs and lightning chains for massive damage!

Aside from the main campaign, Shin'en will include a Boss Rush mode, classic time-attack Missions Mode and an online Hall of Fame to post scores.

Image for Debut Screens for Nano Assault 3DS
Image for Debut Screens for Nano Assault 3DS

What do you think of Shin'en's debut 3DS project, Nano Assault?

Box art for Nano Assault
Also known as

Nanostray 3


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Our member of the week

Looks splendid, though this can't be images from the game running on the 3DS hardware, judging by their resolution and the total lack of aliasing.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

The big monster in the second screen on the main page here looks a tad poop, but the rest looks amazing. iWant. Hope it's easier than Nanostray 2, though.
I was able to complete the first one in a couple of hours, but Nanostray 2 just raped me.

Also, Kafei, this IS Shin'en we're talking about. I honestly think the game'll look just about the same but smaller Smilie

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

Looks awesome.

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

I want. Very much so.

Shin'en again pushing boundaries. Does look good I must say, can't wait to see Nano Assault in action!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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