Sonic Generations Confirmed - First Details

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.05.2011 5

Sonic Generations Confirmed - First Details on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The new Sonic game for 3DS has finally been confirmed as the 20th Anniversary birthday project, Sonic Generations.

Update - First details from Nintendo Power:
The first details from the magazine note how the 3DS version will be taking a slightly different approach from its bigger brothers, but still keeping the concept of classic and modern sonic working together.

  • 2D side-scrolling for both versions of Sonic. Classic plays a lot of like the original Genesis/Mega Drive games, whilst modern works much like Sonic Colours and the Rush series.
  • The opening level, Green Hill Zone, is the only stage featured in both the console and 3DS editions. The 3DS version will have various exclusive stages/bosses - including Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2) and a boss fight featured in Launch Base Zone (Sonic 3).
  • Sonic Generations 3D will "only feature the ones [characters] who are integral to the story. Perhaps for a more streamlined and portable-friendly experience.
  • Modern Sonic will use more 3D output compared to Classic - he moves from fore to background on occasion, and when he makes contact with an object the camera may pan in for 3D effects.
  • StreetPass and PlayCoins will be used for extra content. 3DS version will include an exclusive 2 player local race mode via Download play or two carts.
  • Jun Senoue is leading the music team. Nintendo Power thinks the tracks they've heard so far are "fantastic".
  • Special Stages will be like Sonic Heroes style (ring collecting a-la Sonic 2?). Chaos Emeralds earned from this stages.
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    Original Story:
    A version of the much anticipated 2D Sonic revival has been strongly hinted at for 3DS in Sega's listings, but was since removed. Image for Sonic Generations Confirmed - First DetailsSpanish Nintendo magazine Nintendo Acción magazine mentioned that there's a new 3DS game within the Sonic franchise, but didn't go into much detail.

    Finally the cover of an upcoming issue of Nintendo Power confirms Sonic Generations for 3DS. Not much else is known though, like whether it would be a similar 2D/3D concept or something completely different for a portable Sonic game.

    What would you like to see in the Sonic Generations game for 3DS

    Box art for Sonic Generations

    Sonic Team




    2D Platformer



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    Looks like the 3DS version will be more than just an inferior port, maybe even worth picking up if you are going to get a console version too. Smilie I'm definitely going to pick it up as I loved Sonic Colours and I'd like to play some more Sonic. Smilie

    *drools* This looks and sounds great Smilie

    Some additional screens:

    Definitely can't wait to see how Sega do the classic levels, likewise how levels from Adventure, Adventure 2, Unleashed, Colours etc are done in the classic style!

    Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

    Those screens look awesome! Hopefully it'll be a great game. I can imagine it looking awesome in 3D.

    Am I the only one not too impressed by the screens? Not to knock it; I'm sure it'll be a good game and much better in motion, but I dunno, the 3D character models look blocky and tacky on top of the levels. I thought the 3DS was capable of much more than this.

    Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I just prefer more strict 2D graphics in side scrollers, and not the likes of New Super Mario Bros' 2.5D. Maybe I just prefer sprites where I think it worked in games like Yoshi's Story. Maybe I've just been looking at the NGP too much :/

    Exclusive levels is nice though; good idea to get people buying the 3DS version. Hopefully after I see more of it I'll have a change of heart. This is just my first impression based on a few scruffy screens after all.

    Sega need to hurry up and release a bloody trailer. The game looks terrible in the scans.

    Sonic 4 kind of made me despise Casino levels so I'm glad Casino Night is only on the 3DS version.

    I hope the special stages are more fun that SOnic Heroes. I hated them. Seems weird that they didn't choose Sonic 2 or 3's special stages. Smilie

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