3DS Now Retailing for £160 in the UK

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.05.2011 5

3DS Now Retailing for £160 in the UK on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A UK phone/communications retailer has dropped Nintendo's latest portable to its lowest price yet: £160.

According to newspaper advertising spotted by CVG, the retailer has slashed around £70 off the original £229.99 RRP, falling inline with some of the other reductions below £200.

Have you found any 3DS deals/price reductions in your area?

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its important to point out the carphone warehouse does stuff like this all the time, like "buy a new contract with us, get a free wii". Their a phone company first and not a real games retailer so don't think this means anything.

Still sells for €250 here in the Netherlands. Smilie

Well,it's open price over there so they can sell it for whatever they want (even at cost) to drive up sales of the portable and make a killing on 3DS game and eShop cards.

It's still £230 everywhere that counts. Which is far too much. You can get yourself a PS3 for that.

Canyarion said:
Still sells for €250 here in the Netherlands. Smilie

Holyshit, a fellow Dutchmen. Never knew o.o

Yeah, that does definitely suck. Still bought it, though, and having fun with Street Fighter 4 ever since. Can't say I miss the money, harhar

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