A Very Expensive Dragon Quest Chest

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.05.2011 2

A Very Expensive Dragon Quest Chest on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dragon Quest with one of the most expensive treasure chests ever.

The made-to-order replica of a pirate's chest found in the 1988 Dragon Quest features a stuffed slime animal inside and will be scaled 1:1, measuring approximately 900x600x600mm.

Image for A Very Expensive Dragon Quest ChestThe gift may only be for the more hardcore fans for it'll cost 358,000 Yen (£2688 or $4300 USD). Feeling rich?

More gifts will start to appear on the official Dragon Quest site (JP), with 11 slots still to fill.

Via Andriasang.

What Dragon Quest items would you like to see replicated 1:1 scale in the real world?

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For $4,300, that treasure chest better have somethin' in it that'll knock my freakin' socks off. Smilie

"You make me want to play Russian Roulette with a glock. By myself."

Yes, this is exactly how you celebrate your 25th anniversery. Smilie

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