House M.D to Operate on DSiWare

By 27.05.2011

House M.D to Operate on DSiWare on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Legacy Interactive and Glyphic Entertainment has announced it will be bringing its House M.D retail game to DSiWare, through five episodic parts. The retail version was released last year and was met with unfavourable reviews. Despite that, if you're a fan of the TV show and would like to try a slice of the game out, without spending full price at retail, this could be beneficial to some.

The first episode to be released is called House M.D - Globetrotting and will hit the DSiWare service next Monday, in North America. From there on, Glyphic Entertainment will release the remaining episodes each month. When it comes to the pricing, each part will cost you 800 points.

Legacy Interactive also released a trailer to showcase the episodes.

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