View a Bit.Trip Saga Screen on your 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.05.2011 5

View a Bit.Trip Saga Screen on your 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Want to see what Bit Trip Saga looks like in 3D and have a 3DS? Download a screenshot for the new retail collection today.

Bit.Trip Saga is the complete Bit. Trip collection, bringing together all six of the downloadable games in a single retail package for 3DS, including snazzy 3D effects if you up the switch on your portable. Developer Gaijin Games has released a single screenshot that you can download onto your SD card and view on the 3DS.

How to view 3D screenshots:
1) Plug in your 3DS SD card into a card reader connected to your PC or Mac.
2) Open up the file labeled "DCIM," then open the next one titled "100NIN03" or something along those lines.
3) Drag the downloaded file named "BIT_0002.MPO" in with the rest of your photos.

From then it's a case of popping the SD card back into the 3DS and viewing as a normal 3D image.

  • Download screenshot (via GameInformer)
  • Box art for Bit.Trip Saga



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    Nice idea. And I hope the game collection will do really well, it deserves it!

    This would be so much faster and easier if Nintendo hurried up with the bloody eStore. Smilie

    Ifrit XXII said:
    This would be so much faster and easier if Nintendo hurried up with the bloody eStore. Smilie

    True that - should be an essential part of the store, if don't correctly (and not the Nintendo way). All screens on the 3DS game info pages should ideally be viewable in 3D. Would be great!

    Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

    Nintendo has stated several times how difficult it is to make advertisements that show the 3D effect of the 3DS games, so I'd be baffled if this wasn't one of their main focuses for the eShop. Smilie

    Anyone else getting Bit.Trip Saga? I'm going to pick it up as I've never played any of them on Wiiware before so it's really convenient to have them all in one retail package that's going to cost less than all the games combined on Wiiware. I also wouldn't play these types of games on a home console, so I really like that they're coming to the 3DS. Smilie

    ( Edited 01.06.2011 13:58 by SirLink )

    Speaking of 3D ads: I've finally spotted 3DS demo stands in stores. I have to admit I haven't looked for them in a while.

    All of them played demos of Pilot Wings... No picture taking, no AR, no other games. Smilie

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