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By Calum Peak 07.06.2011 5

E311 Media | Animal Crossing 3DS Screens, Video on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Whilst it wasn't shown exclusively during the press conference due to some of the more exciting news, Nintendo have released a selection of screen shots of Animal Crossing: 3D (working title) to wet our appetites for when it arrives to 3DS. There has been no date set for when Animal Crossing will launch on the 3DS, but a few pieces of information can be gathered from these shots.

A large game changer is the ability for your character to swim in the open waters, which may open up new ways to play, perhaps we will see the inclusion of diving for treasures? In addition, instead of a house we see a tent, could Katrina have new premises, or will travellers stop and pitch up for a while in your village? Maybe opening up possibilities of StreetPass visitors? And finally, we see some new collections of items, and better yet, who wouldn't want a authentic rendition of the temple of time, complete with changeable outfits that your character can wear?

Image for E311 Media | Animal Crossing 3DS Screens, Video

Image for E311 Media | Animal Crossing 3DS Screens, Video

Image for E311 Media | Animal Crossing 3DS Screens, Video

Be sure to check out more images below.


What do you think about Animal Crossing: 3D?

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Link! Looks ace haha. Wonder if they'll have other character uniforms too. Mario, Samus suit?

Awesome, I can't wait to see more!

Truth be told though, I've been growing a bit tired of the Animal Crossing series as of late, their all just too similar for my tastes. But maybe this one will bring something refreshing for the series.

Damn! This is going to be SO awesome but I just wish it will come to the Wii U as well because I'm planning to buy it and over the years I've grown very fond of this game and i'd hate to see all these great new ideas only on one nintendo console.


Mamoon Hindi
Will Be

The music in the trailer is really nice, I hope we can expect to hear it in the game. Other than the inclusion of swimming though, it still look to be very much the same as previous versions.

I really hope there's much more to it.

Well... there goes more of my time in the future. Animal Crossing is so addictive

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