First Details on New GC RPG Exclusive Homeland!

By Adam Riley 28.12.2003 1

Another Brand New GameCube-Exclusive RPG...
...Homeland Courtesy of Chun Soft!

Updated - 28th December, 2003
Renowned Japanese RPG developer, Chun Soft, is due to celebrate its 20th Anniversary soon and in perfect style it will be releasing three new titles across the PlayStation 2, GameBoy Advance and GameCube. Now whereas details have already been released on the first two games, so far information had been all but non-existant. However C3 can now bring you the first details surrounding the exclusive project.

The player takes the reign of a male character by the name of Ruki who hears a strange voice emanating from another world before actually being transported across to this new place by a girl who is trying to help her world recover from the throes of evil darkness. Thus the epic journey commences...

As you venture into the quest players will encounter a traditional turn-based style of battle system in terms of gameplay, with fighting beginning once physical contact is made with one of the on-screen enemies. The actual battles, for a change, take place directly in the field as opposed to switching as in older RPGs. Also there is an unusual system used in Homeland that goes under the moniker of 'hand liaison', which lets your party communicate with the village inhabitants.

There is no doubt that this sounds interesting, to say the least, and it certainly has a small chance of reaching US shores at the least. If, and when, more information arises, C3 will be the first to bring it to you...For now, though, be sure to check out the new album of screenshots at the bottom of the article!

Original Story - 19th December, 2003
Quick News - As reported earlier, Chunsoft's 20th Anniversary GBA project was revealed to be Monster Battle Soccer, a mix of sports and Pok

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