Masahiro Sakurai Intends to Take Kid Icarus: Uprising Online

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Masahiro Sakurai Intends to Take Kid Icarus: Uprising Online on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Since it was revealed that Kid Icarus: Uprising will feature a 3 vs 3 Deathmatch and 6 player free-for-all mode, it's been unclear whether it would feature online play. Shedding some light on that question is Masahiro Sakurai, who recently answered user-submitted questions on IGN. One of the questions prompted Sakurai to reveal his intentions regarding online play.

When asked: "Will the multiplayer mode be online as well as local?" The response wasn't a solid answer, but Sakurai said:

We're still in the middle of looking at the options for the wireless multiplayer mode, and I would say it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that we might end up not being able to implement the Wi-Fi online mode, but we're moving forward in development with the understanding and intention of making that a feature".

Kid Icarus from the NES could also be getting a 3D re-release on the Virtual Console. Sakurai hinted that it's a possibility and he had recently been in some talks about it.

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Just do it, Sakurai. Smilie

Online would definitely be cool, though I'll be getting this game for the single player adventure.

Its well needed, this could finally be Nintendo franchise with online play as default to the series.

Why not? It's not a Metroid game after all...

I don't see why it shouldn't have online, the Multiplayer is practically screaming for it.

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Mr Bibbles (guest) 26.06.2011#6

I'd actually assumed this was cancelled since it disappeared off radar after 3DS launch.

adam (guest) 30.07.2011#7

This would be perfect fun in online play

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