Activision Registers New Goldeneye Domain Names

By 28.06.2011 8

Activision Registers New Goldeneye Domain Names on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Last year, Activision released a re-imagining of Goldeneye 007 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii and N-Space was also responsible for a DS version. Will the title remain exclusive to Nintendo's platforms though? Activision have now registered four domain names for a new and unconfirmed Goldeneye title, which looks to be named Goldeneye Reloaded.

The domains were created four days ago and have since been been discovered by Twitter user, superannuation. It's also been pointed out that a 007 logo was present during Sony's E3 press conference, where it was featured alongside many other popular game brands. Is this a hint that a HD version will be making its way to the Playstation 3 and possibly the Xbox 360?

There is the chance this could be a port to the 3DS or the Wii U, as well. With no details about the project though, it's hard to pin point exactly what this is.

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Goldeneye Reloaded...get it? Because it's a FPS and you reloa...Ok I'll just shut up now. Smilie

Maybe Neo will be in it and you're an agent having to defeat him...

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JBT (guest) 29.06.2011#3

i know an ex Activision employee, apparently they are porting the wii game to 360 & PS3.

Crerseadmitte (guest) 01.07.2011#4

Hello. And Bye.

Skai76 (guest) 01.07.2011#5

if they do that then nintendo can sue like a mo-fo because they own the rights to the goldeneye "franchise" but activision has the bond license so thats y goldeneye was only on wii

EsosteArrolla (guest) 03.07.2011#6


MorBroloDip (guest) 03.07.2011#7

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Tenebleap (guest) 07.07.2011#8

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