Dragon Quest 25th Collection To Reveal Dragon Quest X Footage

By Mike Mason 29.06.2011 2

Dragon Quest 25th Collection To Reveal Dragon Quest X Footage on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

This year it’s the 25th anniversary of Japan’s biggest RPG series, Dragon Quest, and Square Enix plans to celebrate in style by releasing a collection of past games on Nintendo Wii, along with a host of extras including footage of the upcoming and hitherto unseen Wii exclusive Dragon Quest X. Whether footage will be released before this is unknown, but this guarantees that Dragon Quest X will be revealed in September at the latest.

Dragon Quest Collection will arrive in Japan on September 15th, with releases elsewhere not confirmed for now. It will comprise of Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III as they appeared on Famicom, alongside the Super Famicom remakes of Dragon Quest I & II and Dragon Quest III. On top of these and the Dragon Quest X trailer, fans will also open the box to find reprints of guides to the first three titles, a replica of the Small Medal item, numerous pieces of artwork and development information, as well as a new animé introduction created by Kamikaze Douga, previously responsible for Dragon Quest IX’s animation.

Thanks to Andriasang.

Will you be crossing your fingers for a worldwide release of Dragon Quest Collection, or are you more excited to simply see Dragon Quest X footage?

Box art for Dragon Quest Collection

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I'm hoping for the collection to come on either the wii,the ds or the 3ds.

Will (guest) 05.07.2011#2

What you don't understand is that Horii isn't intersested in making his "Loto"/Roto games on a
handleld. The DS already has enough RPGs to go around.
I'ts the Wii's turn. Even if they're just re-releases.
They are still great games.

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