Nintendo Planning September Announcements

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.08.2011 10

Nintendo Planning September Announcements on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo are planning huge announcements next month, according to multiple reports - a conference geared towards the 3DS.

In the aftermath of the rumours of a new 3DS model with additional circle pad comes word of a pre-TGS conference in which the Kyoto-based company will be announcing "an extremely big title".

Nintendo of Japan have yet to confirm any event, but have held similar conferences in the past - the most recent being 3DS centric several weeks after the Tokyo Games Show (TGS) in 2010. The company bowed out of Japan's biggest annual show many moons ago, instead opting to focus on the LA-based E3 Expo and smaller events of their own.

The company are expected to touch upon the 3DS price reductions, confirm new titles and possible hardware tidbits.

Via Andriasang.

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Bring back the Gameboy. Hey, theres a thought.

M3g4t0n!!! It's the title that will save the GameCube!

Monster Hunter.

Squidboy (guest) 24.08.2011#4

Pikmin 3D or Monster Hunter 3D are my guesses.

Eche (guest) 24.08.2011#5

Extremely big title?
We already have a Zelda, Kirby, and Mario title coming our way . So it could either be...
Smash bros., metroid, or new IP from a third party developer (like last story and pandora's tower)
Maybe Dragon Quest X even though that's a SE IP

Uhm, aren't you forgetting Pokémon?

Not that I'm excited about that, but it's the biggest Nintendo franchise that's been missing so far.

Uzi Suicide said:
Bring back the Gameboy. Hey, theres a thought.

Why would they want to do that? it would alienate nearly half their fan-base, and besides it was a play on the Walkman branding which hasn't been relevant for nearly a decade.

Squidboy (guest) 24.08.2011#8

F-ing Zero is long overdue.

A monster hunter 3d must happen!

joe (guest) 28.08.2011#10

Dragon quest X (wii).

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