Rumour: Wii U Controller Issues at Nintendo?

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.08.2011 17

Rumour: Wii U Controller Issues at Nintendo? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It's growing to be fairly gloomy on the Nintendo front with yet more unconfirmed reports of issues behind-the-scenes with the Wii U controller.

The new peripheral, due to be bound as a solo controller for the forthcoming Nintendo home console, packs in a load of meaty features - including the ability to play without a television on a large screen, wireless/tablet functionality, camera, speakers and even a fabled bread maker.

However, according to unconfirmed sources speaking to 01Net, development for the new controller may cause delays with the expected release and considerable changes to the final hardware spec.

  • Developers still expecting a June 2012 release, but Nintendo are supposedly still having issues with the tech.
  • Apparently Nintendo are still putting together prototypes for the upcoming Wii U controller. "So far the Wii U controller's main chipset which manage's functions like streaming and wireless, seems inadequate".
  • These wireless tools and syncing are giving trouble to Nintendo and subsequently causing problems for developers putting together ideas/projects for the hardware.
  • The final specifications for the hardware are apparently uncertain and the Wii U may see a release delay till September 2012 at the earliest.

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I wasn't expecting a release until late 2012 anyway.

Still, what's with all this speculation from 01Net? First the 3DS revision, now this, and considering what developers originally said about the controller, and from what Ubisoft had already made by E3, I don't see a problem.

If it gives the wireless functions, or even the graphics card a boost just to get better streaming to the controller, I don't see the problem with that.

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It wouldn't really be a "boast" if they are having troubles at the moment - any extra's added would be to fix that.

I get the impression the WiiU thing was all a bit rushed, but I'm not sure I believe this or the 3DS stuff. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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AM (guest) 24.08.2011#3

They should delay if they need to, and they should work on having some good software ready at launch. I would not look too far into these rumours however.

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Stulaw said:
from what Ubisoft had already made by E3, I don't see a problem.

My thoughts exactly, and this bit about WiiU from 01Net makes the 3DS one even less credible in my eyes now.

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Squidboy (guest) 24.08.2011#5

Such teething problems are natural for any new console still in development, but given the unconventional nature of this console, it was always likely to draw in more.

Normally you wouldn't be hearing about this kind of thing in any design process for a console, but the forced announcement and high global interest mean leaks are inevitable. Some like this one reveal specific problems, te kind of problems which are naturally expected to be resolved over time... What I find interesting from this, is the word 'cheap'. I'm guessing this gripe pertains particuarly to the fourth revisions streaming bandwidth, which developers expected to be better. It wouldn't suprise me at all if Nintendo are avoiding using the latest components to try and keep costs down, in line with company tradition.

Nintendo wont release WiiU until it's perfectly ready, certainly not after their mistakes with the 3DS. They rushed 3DS to market and paid a heavy price, they can do well without the same on the console front.

This console could be akin to another GC, if they make any mistakes in any vital areas. WiiU has to deliver all that's expected from it and more, casuals simply won't buy WiiU in the same droves as they bought the Wii. Persistant rumors suggest Microsoft's new machine will be revealed at E3 with a launch later in the year. Any delay in R&D, even slight, could have severe ramifications.

NintyLover (guest) 24.08.2011#6

I'm calling BS, why would Nintendo release a console at the same time as E3? That's when they're going to show off big games playing on it, then a few months later release it.

That means a whole year of no nintendo game console releases, all theyve got for next year is Rythem Heavan, mario party 9 and fortune st. Lucky for us PALers weve also got last story and pandoras tower

"So I have good news and better news.

The good news is that the Wii U was going to be released in June 2012.

The better news is that the Wii U is going to be released in September 2012."


( Edited 24.08.2011 16:31 by Canyarion )

If true, all they have to do is delay it till october 2012, get a better chipset for the controller and work on several actual game demos for E3 2012. Problem solved.

SteveDOF (guest) 24.08.2011#10

I wouldn't be surprised if the new tech is having some teething problems, that's par for the course isn't it?
As for the lack of wireless hindering devs, how so? They can design and test the game using a cable connector, converting the signals to wireless is up to the console, not third party software.

I guess it means they cant test lag so well? <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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SteveDOF (guest) 25.08.2011#12

Well, is lag a concern of the game devs? If Nintendo say they will deliver lag-free streaming, then that is up to Nintendo not the games devs. If there are problems with getting the wireless streaming to work, then devs can work with a cable connection and leave Nintendo to sort out the hardware issues.

Of course this is all very vague, we can only speculate as to what any problems might really be, but from what I can understand there don't seem to be any unusual issues here. New tech means teething problems, par for the course.

Unhappy (guest) 25.08.2011#13

After 2 generations of consoles with poor software support (N64 and Gamecube) and a generation of shovelware (Wii) combined with a poor start for the 3DS I think I'll hold off for quite some time on the Wii U, and this news article doesn't make me feel any better about Nintendo right now.

The dev kit controllers being wired is nothing new. Wii dev kits also have wired controllers and you can't sync regular controllers to it. Having wired controllers on Wii dev kits hasn't done Wii development any harm.

KT (guest) 26.08.2011#15

Nintendo are really going downhill. The 3DS is shambles and the Wii U does not sound worthwhile. Why could they not stuck with a dedicated Xbox-esque controller and then done better graphics, Blu Ray and more. No DVD or Blu Ray is a huge fail from Nintendo. Always one step behind. 3DS is signs that even better graphics does not mean win

Keyblade (guest) 26.08.2011#16

Haha well 01Net has also said a major redesign of the 3DS is in the works with a second analog stick, a new name, and a bunch of other garbage that Nintendo has disregarded as "rumors and speculation." While this is something a bit more believable, its not at all unheard of and is something Nintendo will conquer. And the 3DS is in shambles? Sales have rocketed since the price drop and will continue to rise this holiday season.

Jman (guest) 31.08.2011#17

Why on Earth would anyone want to run out and buy this thing at launch anyway?

The 3DS launch was poorly executed, and forced Nintendo to drop the price to get people to buy the system. On top of that the unit's most touted feature isn't all that popular, with even Nintendo looking to scale back on using it in the future.

Then you have the Wii, which is the first best selling system I've ever seen go from penthouse to the gutter, as Nintendo's killing the system off (like Sega used to do), to make room for their new system. Software releases on Wii have been pathetic to say the least!

So yeah, I'm supposed to believe Nintendo's going to fully support this thing, and not screw everything up? I'll be taking a wait and see with the U, because I'm not running out at launch, to buy a system that winds up floundering and in need of another emergency price drop to garner interest.

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