Japanese Hardware Sales | 21st December, 2003

By Adam Riley 26.12.2003 1

Japanese Hardware Sales...
...21st December, 2003!

1.) PS2 - 160,100
2.) GBA:SP - 132,400
3.) GC - 95,100
4.) GBA - 23,000
5.) XBOX - 2,400

So, the XBOX has stabilised in the Christmas period, which is quite poor considering all of the other formats have simply sky-rocketed. This follows on the back of the news that the XBOX has also been a major disappointment in Korea over the past year, reaching nowhere near its predicted sales numbers! Nintendo can claim a great coup over Sony in a way due to it managing to shift a total of 250,500 hardware units compared to the 160,000+ that the PS2 sold. Those figures for the PS2 are still far higher than they technically should be, since gamers must now own at least one Sony console by now! The GBA: SP cracks the 130,000 barrier and the GameCube shoots up to nearly 100,000 units, a level that is extremely unfamiliar for Nintendo's box o' tricks. What is even stranger, however, is the strength of the old GBA that has now reached 23,000 sales over the past week!

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