Inflatable Mario Kart Heads to Europe

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.08.2011 6

Inflatable Mario Kart Heads to Europe on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

This September you'll be able to plonk yourself in an inflatable kart and nip around virtual racing circuits in your living room.

Nordic Games has confirmed plans to bring the inflatable cart, once devised by CTA Digital to European fans next month. For a rather hefty £24.99 you'll receive one of the inflatable karts to sit in, a handy pump and puncture repair kit in-case you get a Wii too excited.

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Suitable for all from 3 to 70. If you're slightly over the threshold you'll have to settle for a real kart we're afraid! Inflate, sit and race away - plopping your Wii Remote into the wheel (in the same way as in a Wii Wheel).

The Inflatakart is due out on 2nd September in a store near you.

Have you tried the Inflatakart? Will you be purchasing one?

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Awesome, but can it really take the weight of an adult?

Ultima said:
Awesome, but can it really take the weight of an adult?

Lol probably for a single lap... or something. Will need to give this a test!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
19KB (guest) 26.08.2011#3


erc (guest) 26.08.2011#4

Those things would probably give you mean swamp ass...

Squidboy (guest) 27.08.2011#5

If Nintendo made one, yea. It would be fun in the right setting.

timmy turner (guest) 23.12.2011#6

Smiliei dont sure... is it dureSmilie

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