Rumour: Epic Mickey 2 May Exist

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.08.2011 3

Rumour: Epic Mickey 2 May Exist on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Disney maybe considering a sequel to the Wii platformer Epic Mickey, complete with co-operative features and a lot of paint.

According to a survey spotted by Joystiq, Disney have begun quizzing gamers whether they'd be interested in the possible sequel, even pimping out the idea with box-art variations.

The proposal suggests a new 2-player feature, with Mickey of course taking the starring role once more, joined by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as both are thrown into the classic Disney world once again. Oswald would be able to fly about by twirling his ears like a helicopter!

Are you a fan of the first Epic Mickey game - would you be interested in a sequel?

Box art for Disney Epic Mickey

Junction Point




3D Platformer



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I think it sold something like 2 million worldwide, so a sequel HAD to come. However, I don't know if spreading it across all formats will do it the world of good. Depends how it's marketed, I suppose. With a large Wii userbase already owning it, keeping it Wii exclusive might have been a better idea, rather than watering down the baseline.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

It's a Disney game! They would sequelize The Passion if they had the rights to it. Ergo, Epic Mickey 2 on the way!

Jman (guest) 31.08.2011#3

The "larger" Wii userbase? Maybe a larger "base", because most Wiis are collecting dust.
Mickey 2 will not be on the Wii.

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