Limited Edition Skyward Sword Bundle Hitting US, Europe

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Limited Edition Skyward Sword Bundle Hitting US, Europe on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have officially announced a limited edition bundle for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The game is set to hit US stores on November 20th 2011 and Europe on November 18th 2011.

You'll be able to pick up the bundle, which includes a music CD and gold Wii Remote Plus. The music CD will include arrangements of select songs from The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert.

The limited edition bundles, which include the controller and CD soundtrack will retail at $69.99 (RRP) and regular copies of the game will sell at $49.99 (RRP). As an additional 25th anniversary treat for fans who purchase the game early, every copy in the initial production, whether sold by itself or as a part of the limited-edition bundle, will come with the free music CD. Nintendo have no current plans to sell the special gold Wii Remote Plus separately at retail.

In addition to this news, official box art has been revealed in a promotional image for the bundle, which can be seen below.

Image for Limited Edition Skyward Sword Bundle Hitting US, Europe

Update 30/08
Nintendo of Europe today confirmed that the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword bundle is also coming to Europe as a limited-edition bonus for nabbing the forthcoming adventure early - it's essentially the same deal, containing the Golden Wii Remote Plus, music CD and of course a copy of the game itself.

Box art for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword





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Fucking sweet box art. Nice bundle too. Definitely buying if it comes here (I'm sure it will).

Bigger pic:

( Edited 29.08.2011 18:15 by Azuardo )

HOLY SHIT o.O That boxart looks so epic (overused, but I can't find another word), it blew my mind! Smilie I REALLY hope we also get this deal over here! Smilie Heck, I could finally get a soundtrack CD as well because it's not running over Club Nintendo for a change.

Goes to show how a simple boxart can manage to make my hype meter explode in a matter of seconds. Smilie

( Edited 29.08.2011 18:22 by SirLink )

Only complaint I have is the grey buttons on the Wii remote. Wtf Nintendo? The gold CC Pro has gold buttons.


Eh, I prefer it with with grey buttons. Looks less like the Wiimote was simply dipped into gold paint. Smilie

Hey Nintendo;

Image for

Edit; Hold up, I just noticed something, there are three particular symbols in the background;

( Edited 29.08.2011 19:12 by Phoenixus )

i will lack a motion plus controller so if this or simila hits the UK i will be preordering mine right away. :3

I can only assume it's coming to Europe. I'm so getting this edition. Smilie

Squidboy (guest) 29.08.2011#8

I must get this. It should arrive in Europe also.

I love the box, symmetery for this prequel is a good idea, it makes it more monumental.

NINTENDO TAKE MY MONEYS. Looks absolutely brilliant, box wise - though Link's pose is indicative of how he'll run/walk in the game with MotionPlus Smilie

Mote looks pretty snazzy - though I agree, the buttons should be gold over grey.

Should be coming to EU too methinks!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Looks really sweet (boxart, wiimote, everything). I'll finally have 4 controllers once I get this. Heck, I'd want that Wiimote even if I already had 4 controllers.

Those grey buttons are an eye sore, hope that is a mistake. Wow this box art looks amazing, first zelda box which gives a look and feel for a game before you even want to play it. Just look at Link, he is all hyped up and got that sword pretty high... where have seen this type of image before, in movies and such where the character gets ready for a momentous battle. I cannot wait for this game now. Smilie

I was expecting this. The big three, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have their exclusives out for the holidays. Makes me so exited! Smilie

Also, Good find Phoenixus! the moment I saw the first vid of this game from E3 I thought of the Oracle GBC games and while I know those three symbols appear elsewhere, like the Windwaker, this only reaffirms that connection for me. Damn, that boxart rocks.

Just realized between this and the Uncharted 3 collector's edition I am going to be So tapped for cash this Winter.

This just in, Europe is getting this bundle as well!!! Smilie WITH THE SAME BOXART TOO! HELL YEAH! Smilie Off to camp Amazon for a pre-order...

Found a picture of the PAL box! Smilie

Image for

( Edited 30.08.2011 11:58 by SirLink )

Great stuff, as we expected. Just can't take my eyes off those grey buttons... *shudder*

SirLink said:
Eh, I prefer it with with grey buttons. Looks less like the Wiimote was simply dipped into gold paint. Smilie


Having it all gold would look cheap.

I could tolerate white buttons, but grey...

They look white to me.

I think it's just the way the reflection has been done on them.

( Edited 30.08.2011 12:26 by Marzy )

You think so? I hope they are. White would be much better and suit it more.

I'm guessing white buttons as well, but something tells me they're silver and its just not showing up well in the picture...

Buy two!

I am really glad Europe is getting this as well, I was feeling worried for a moment when it was initially only announced for America!

I've already placed a preorder on this at Shopto. Will I get the Wiimote+ as well, or is that just the game seperately? I've looked on a few websites and have only seen one edition of the game listed, so are these just preorder bonuses in Europe?

Just ordered mine, thats two limited/special editons games Im getting this fall, the other being the Metal Gear Solid Ultimate HD Collection.

Mush, if you preordered this one, you'll get all the bonuses, seeing as that's the limited edition version.

Thanks for letting me know it's on ShopTo though, just preordered!

Azuardo said:
Mush, if you preordered this one, you'll get all the bonuses, seeing as that's the limited edition version.

Thanks for letting me know it's on ShopTo though, just preordered!

Nope, this edition wasn't up when I last looked. Thanks for letting me know. I'll now preorder this one instead. Smilie

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