Dragon Quest X Online for Wii and Wii U

By Stuart Lawrence 05.09.2011 24

Dragon Quest X Online for Wii and Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix today officially announced Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online for both the Wii and Wii U, with it being slated for release on both consoles in 2012. Dragon Quest X is set to be an online RPG that can be played on both systems, interacting with each other and having only a graphical difference, with the Wii U being superior visually.

The name Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku roughly translates as The Five Awakening Races and a teaser site has now been unveiled where more information is expected in the near future. The Wii version will come with a USB adapter in addition to the game, which is presumed to handle post release content, whilst the Wii U's media is still listed as TBA due to Nintendo not fully revealing its hand on that front yet. The game itself will be single player, but as with Dragon Quest IX it is possible to create up to three extra characters for the team. A wide variety of controllers are said to be supported, including the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combination, Classic Controller and Classic Controller PRO, as well as USB keyboards.

Gameplay footage is shown below, revealing the initial aspects of how the game is set to play out:

Image for Dragon Quest X Online for Wii and Wii U

The game is being developed internally by Square Enix, a change from previous games that were worked on by Level-5, Chunsoft and Arte Piazza. On the team will be Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, heading up the character design as usual, whilst veteran composer Koichi Sugiyama returns on the soundtrack front.

Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online can actually be completed both online and offline, with players able to join another person's party online, replacing the need for a NPC, and if you go offline and are part of another party, you can allow your character to continue as an NPC to replace you.

According to reports, the game may also be interactive with the 3DS, with players able to transfer there characters and trade them via SpotPass, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Square Enix will also be seeking out Beta testers before release, with this being announced on the Square Enix Portal Paradise site.

Are you excited by the announcement of Dragon Quest X online? Which version are you most interested in?

Box art for Dragon Quest X Online

Square Enix


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Sorry about the trailer video guys, it was taken down as soon as I put the news up. Should be able to find one soon though.

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NNID: Stulaw
Our member of the week

I saw the trailer this morning and while it didn't look too impressive visually (the trailer used mostly if not only CG anyway), the details coming up about the content of the game sounds promising enough Smilie.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Yeah, the graphics will improve, but overall I think the Dragon Quest style will keep the game looking nice anyway, and the Wii U version will probably look gorgeous.

I'm actually glad it's online in terms of Monster Hunter, it'll give people 100's of hours of Gameplay plus it gives the Wii U a game worth getting to play online. I like the idea of both versions being interactive with eachother as well. Looks like the fights are Final Fantasy XII/ Xenoblade like.

( Edited 05.09.2011 13:21 by Stulaw )

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Wii has suddenly become a rather massive RPG platform O_o

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Geri Halliwell (guest) 05.09.2011#5

Looks like a PS2 game. Nice, Square Enix...

A disgrunted Dragon Quest fan for 20 years (guest) 05.09.2011#6

THANK GOD! I thought S-E had canned this shit like a can of Heinz Baked BEANS!! Finally glad to hear news on X but I am dissapointed it is only on Wii. What a waist of a good license on a outdated machine. Wii U won't be much better either?

Squidboy (guest) 05.09.2011#7

@ Disgruntled DQ Fan

Calling It: PS Vita Version, eventually.

Squidboy (guest) 05.09.2011#8

The graphics are very disappointing, that style has become so stagnant now it's ridiculous. I expected something a lot better than this, but I suppose dual development cost sapped resources.

It would have looked much better if Level-5 were involved, it would have more colour and charm and far better animation. They would have surely put their MX-F40's to good use on a title like this.

I'll get the WiiU game, but I doubt it will look amazing as it should, when this Wii versions the underlying framework.

If they position the WiiU game as a launch title...Ho-ley Sheeet.

Bloody hell, this is a major coup for Nintendo if this makes launch day for the U. Japanese sales for the U will explode over there!!! I was thinking that we'd see a PS3 SKU for it but having it exclusive to the Wii and the Wii U is a huge deal for Nintendo.

They seem to have taken the gameplay footage off of Youtube now, oh well, it'll appear soon enough.

The game does look PS2 like because they haven't finished yet. I mean, this is Square, they can really push a system if they wanted to, so it can look better on the Wii. I can actually imagine how it would look on the Wii U.

Edit: Thanks whoever put the other videos up

( Edited 05.09.2011 22:38 by Stulaw )

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NNID: Stulaw

I've added three videos Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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This game will be CRAZY popular. talk about a killer app so late in the wii's life and so early on for the WiiU. This may actually show Monster Hunter whats up.

Squidboy said
Calling It: PS Vita Version, eventually.

Unless there is some copyright issue, I can totally see that happening. The PSP is a RPG powerhouse in Japan right now and if Sony can seal the deal with this, the recently announced SMT4, and the aforementioned Monster Hunter series they will continue that strong trend. (And without friendcodes, I might add. Smilie )

I would want it to stay a Nintendo exclusive, personally. I'm just a fanboy at heart.

They're making a NES version of Dragon Quest X as well:

Im starting to worry that SE is liking thier online RPG's, hopefully we will still see some traditional single players games from them. If FFXV turns out to be a MMORPG I give up with these two series

But vivisapprentice, this is a traditional RPG that can be played alone, it's just that it can be played online as well, sort of like Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter.

Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
NNID: Stulaw

I'm starting to wonder as well why so many people are screaming "OH NO, it's a MMORPG!!". Have they actually ever played any because this is most certainly not one. Going by that logic, DQ IX was a MMORPG as well but for some reason I was totally fine playing through the entire game offline by myself.

I just read that there are going to be monthly fees for the online portion of the game which is really off-putting for me. I'm not going to commit myself to any online game other than Guild Wars 2 anytime soon (unless a new Monster Hunter for the 3DS comes out), so that's a real shame for me.

There were monthly fees for Monster Hunter Tri in Japan and they never followed up with them here, but then, this is Square Enix, and not Capcom.

Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
NNID: Stulaw

Stulaw said:
There were monthly fees for Monster Hunter Tri in Japan and they never followed up with them here, but then, this is Square Enix, and not Capcom.

Yeah, I was thinking exactly the same. Square Enix might not be so nice and leave them out for a western release. I think Capcom might have left them out here because they didn't know how successful it would be and monthly fees for a game without too many players isn't a smart idea. In Japan, pretty much any Monster Hunter game is going to sell like hotcakes, so they can do that there just fine.

There was another thing I just read, you have to be online for the first two hours of the game to get it started, so I'm hoping it's some sort of trial run, because if it's true, the games certainly not worth paying £30-£40 plus the subscription fee for the first two hours.

Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
NNID: Stulaw

I've heard of that as well but I can't imagine it being anything but a trial run to get people interested in playing online and then subscribing. They wouldn't screw with all the people who want it only for offline like that.

With all of the complaining this game is getting, I must say that I'm staying open-minded about it until I know more confirmed details of it. I love the Dragon Quest series and this game looks like it could be a lot of fun. Will definitely get it on the WiiU though (I want the better/more powerful addition Smilie)

The only thing that bothers me is that once again, a Nintendo system gets a game(or system/accessory) that takes something (game series/franchise or hardware) either people liked or is used to in one sense, and the developer takes a risk that most people are not excited about in the least... I mean, I'm sure as soon as it was revealed that this game was online, everyone became disappointed and began to complain about it. I know it was first revealed that DQX was going to exclusively appear on the Wii due to it's raging success at the time; and that's great that they get this all new numbered installment of a major franchise. It just makes me mad because it seems now this is becoming a common trend for Nintendo, and that everyone wants to take UNNECESSARY risks on Nintendo's hardware. Yes change IS a good thing, but this seems a little dramatic. Internet connection required? Really? Monster Hunter didn't make you play online, but you sure as hell benefited from it. Why can't SquareEnix do that and offer an offline mode for the game as well? On top of this, you maybe charging us to play this title online AFTER your forcing us to play online...? REALLY? I do hope if subscriptions will be mandatory, that it's just a Japanese thing because I can't really afford this and everything else I have to keep up with in my personal life...

It's just sad. Nintendo and it's fans have been getting a lot of this crap lately, some of course due to the company's actions and statements itself. I just hope that things get better from here and that maybe when game and hardware unveils happen later on down the road from Nintendo, or anyone else, that they can be better received even when these RISKS are taken.

Just read the FAQ and I think people are misunderstanding the whole pay to play thing, you don't have to have to play the main game online at all, but you do if you want to play everything with the extra content.

Directly Translated to English it says

The first few times to start the game is playable offline, all the elements to play the game requires an Internet connection

That could be interpreted as anything, except we don't know what the first few times means, and the FAQ doesn't make that clearer anywhere else, all it says is you need an internet connection, not that you actually have to play online.

( Edited 06.09.2011 16:21 by Stulaw )

Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
NNID: Stulaw

Glad to see the project is alive.. and even more happy to see I CAN play offline start to finish if I want to. Since we'll get crossplay between the Wii and Wii U versions I'm getting the Wii U version as it means we'll have a bigger install base AND the servers should be up for 5 years from launch or longer if they treat it like FF XI (but in a good way).

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