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By Adam Riley 28.12.2003 1

Look at me! I’m so cute! But I AM going to swallow you! Kirby
The pink puffball that everyone loves to hate!

Profile by Adam Riley [ jesusraz :: Senior Editor ]

What would you say if I told you that Kirby could be likened to ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson? No, I am not completely crazy, but I will let you mull that one over and reveal how later. For now let us focus on the character that is loved by all and hated by just as many. Confusing? Of course! Let me explain: those that merely glance at Kirby believe him to be a harmless, cute character that stars in sickly-sweet games, therefore they take a disliking to him. If you care to inspect matters a little closer, however, you will realise that this particular Hal Laboratory created creature is quite an evil little fiend when he sets his mind to it, sucking-in enemies, spitting them out at others or even absorbing their powers and then blasting everything in sight. This is why he also has such a mass of loyal followers…
Age: Kirby has been around for quite a long time, dating back to the early 1990s, so in gaming terms he is not that old. At a push he is no more than twelve years of age, and I reckon he will definitely retain his youthful looks in the future, hehe!
Species: A round ball of pink puffyness is the best way of describing Kirby. I do not believe that the Kirbster actually falls under any particular species profile; the poor guy!
Location: Dream Land, on the Planet Popstar, the place where everything is cute, colourful and nice…except for when the evil King DeDeDe is around stealing things and generally causing havoc.
Birth: Kirby was created in a Laboratory, by the name of HAL to be precise, so he is unfortunately classed as an orphan…*Cue Pity Noises*…This has not left the pink one wallowing in a mire of self-pity, though, instead giving him more reason to focus on the many sources of evil that are a-foot in the land of dreams.
Facial Features: Rather bland, to be honest. Kirby is simply a sphere with two flaps and two feet. The cute-one has jet black eyes and a large smile with laugh creases on both cheeks, yet there is a distinct lack of nasal apertures on his face, most likely leading to terrible, cringe-worthy comments such as ‘How does he smell?’ arising from time-to-time.

Clothing: Kirby swings not just both ways, but every possible way there is to imagine! He wanders around stark naked for the most part, until he comes across (do not even go there!!) a passing enemy and sucks it into his mouth at which point he assumes the dress of said foe, one specific example being when Kirby obtains a special sword and dons a Link-style green Hylian outfit. Kirby is never one to stick to a sole fashion for long periods of time, choosing to chop and change whenever the mood suits him…

Did you know that Kirby was originally white? Yes, just as Michael Jackson changed his colour, so did the Kirby-meister. To begin with he was a deathly white colour, but quickly altered his outside appearance to that of the pink nature we know today. Perhaps he believed this would give him more credence in his role as saviour and everyday protector of the Dream Land? Whatever the case, enemies now fear the innocent-looking living vacuum…

Kirby is a chameleon of sorts in the way that he can morph into any genre of game and still maintain a level of brilliance matched by only a few others, such as the main Nintendo-mascot himself, Mario. Here is a, by no means definitive, list of its gaming highlights:

  • Kirby’s Star Stacker (GB)
  • Fun Pak (SNES)
  • Dream Land 1-3 (GB, GBC & SNES)
  • Tee Shot (SNES)
  • Avalanche (SNES)
  • Air Ride (GC)
  • Nightmare in Dream Land (GBA)
  • Pinball Land (GB)
  • Adventure (NES)
  • Tilt ‘N Tumble (GBC)
  • BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball (SNES Satellaview)
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64)
  • Kirby No Kirra Kids (SNES)
  • Smash Brothers series (N64, GC)
  • Link’s Awakening (GB, GBC)
Best Appearance
Turning his hand to various genres, Kirby has proven to be quite a dab hand at churning out classic high-quality games such as Kirby’s Star Stacker, one of the most addictive puzzlers since Tetris. But his main strength lies in the platforming field, with Kirby’s Dream Land 3 on the SNES proving to be the pinnacle of a fine, fine career.

Don't Mention...
The brief appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the GameBoy as it is a rather touchy subject with the pink ball of terror. People have thrown slanderous comments in his direction, claiming he worked in cahoots with the enemy against a helpless Link. The official line is that Kirby was having ‘A Bad Day’ and it is definitely something he is quite ashamed of and will not ever happen again. End of story!

In closing...
Never, and I repeat, NEVER underestimate Kirby. He can fly, suck you up and spit you out, as well as take on the abilities of many dangerous enemies with ease and turn his hand to any genre of game he wants. Now just think to yourself, is that really someone you want to get on the wrong side of by calling him a ‘stupid pink blob’?! I thought not…

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