THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy Japanese Site Opens

By Shane Jury 12.09.2011 3

THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy Japanese Site Opens on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

As a musical counterpart to the Dissidia series, THEATRHYTHM will take the main heroes of each mainline Final Fantasy game from I to XIII through key battles and events from those games via a new rhythm and timing-based system.

The website is still in its early stages, but offers a look at the designs for each game-representing character (as opposed to just the few that were shown before) and well-known franchise enemies, 2 wallpapers for the game, and the first look at gameplay footage.

Image for THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy Japanese Site Opens
Image for THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy Japanese Site Opens

The footage is interactive so would be difficult to capture, but by clicking to go to the site, then the bottom left green bubble (or third option on the top bar if you're on the page in the picture above), then the second icon in the drop-down list on the far left, and the second option of the two that is brought up, you can find it. Click the left and right arrows to move between frames.
Thus far, the game looks to incorporate field exploration and battles with note tapping, and cutscenes from the mainline games with rhythm.

Image for THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy Japanese Site Opens

The site offers up more nuggets of wisdom also. The game is being developed by Indieszero, who made Retro Game Challenge and Electroplankton for the DS. And as of yet, the game is still slated only for Japan.

Box art for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy



Square Enix





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Can't wait for this. Love how they're putting background cutscenes into the game too.

Someone has managed to Youtube it though I'd still suggest visiting the site directly.



Hopefully there's more to this system, looks a bit devoid of depth at the mo. Love the art and music though. Smilie

I honestly wouldn't lose any sleep over this if it didn't come to the states. I'm no graphic whore but the art style still really bugs me...& this still seems like a throw away atempt for easy $$$ with minimal effort.

Unless they include over 100 songs from the series I'll continue to say they didn't put in much effort.

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

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