Square Enix Bravely Defaults Onto 3DS

By Stuart Lawrence 13.09.2011 9

Square Enix Bravely Defaults Onto 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

At Nintendo's 3DS conference this morning, there was a new RPG announced from Square Enix named Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. The game according to IGN seems like a traditional RPG and will support Augmented Reality, with the trailer and screens showing the style to be similar to Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light

The game is scheduled to come out in Japan in 2012, no other information has been released but there are some screens and a trailer below.

Image for Square Enix Bravely Defaults Onto 3DS

Image for Square Enix Bravely Defaults Onto 3DS

Image for Square Enix Bravely Defaults Onto 3DS

What do you think of Bravely Default? Are you looking forward to this new IP on the 3DS?

Box art for Bravely Default
Also known as

Bravely Default: For the Sequel


Silicon Studio




Turn Based RPG



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I really like the look of this, love my RPGs and the bit at 0.34 looked like a battle sequence, sort of like Infinity Blade on the iPhone.

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a) nice artstyle.

b) WTF @ the name?! Thats the most akward game name ever.
(Not that most akward software name mind, I just purchased Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate...)

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Yeah, the name's odd, but it might change for a western release even though the title's already in English.

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Looks so cute! Great atmosphere.

Probably was a 4 Heroes of Light sequel until the name change. Looks awesome. ^^

Squidboy (guest) 13.09.2011#6

Funky name but it looks very cool. It definitely has FHOL feel with it's art direction. Hopefully this game will be a lot better, as SE screwed up that game with terrible design decisions.

Looks potentially good. I can't get over the name, though. Something must have been lost in translation. Or rather, the English phrase "Bravely Default" lost/gained something when translated to Japanese.

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lovely looking game. TGS reminds me of when the 3DS first showcased. Loads of games announced but the timing and spread of these games needs to improve.

I've read a theory somewhere that the name could imply that it's bravely sticking to the JRPG roots, the "default" JRPG stuff. Would make sense since it seems to be a traditional JRPG just like "Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light" from last year. It's still a really weird name though, even if that theory would be correct. Smilie

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