New Dragon Quest X Screenshots

By Jorge Ba-oh 06.10.2011 2

New Dragon Quest X Screenshots on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix revealed a few more tidbits on the Wii-exclusive RPG, Dragon Quest X including the home of the Ogres, Ogleed.

The latest update, courtesy to Andriasang, explores the features of the main town area - including various shops where you'll be able to pick up meaty weaponry, a peaceful Inn to have a quick snooze plus a church to pray for cures. In addition the town includes your typical blacksmith, post office and shopping bazaar.

This week the developer also introduced the home continent of Ogleed, a vast continent that's nome to the Ogres race - spanning deserts and frosted snow peaks.

Image for New Dragon Quest X Screenshots
Image for New Dragon Quest X Screenshots

Image for New Dragon Quest X Screenshots
Image for New Dragon Quest X Screenshots
Image for New Dragon Quest X Screenshots

Unravel more screenshots for Dragon Quest X in the game's album below. How do you think Square Enix's latest adventure is shaping up so far?

Box art for Dragon Quest X Online

Square Enix


Square Enix


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RT (guest) 06.10.2011#1

erm, PS2 anyone? Will the WiiU edition be a port of this Wii one or will it look like PS3?

maaa (guest) 13.10.2011#2

it will have improved graphics, so probably HD graphics if Wii U is going to stay competitive

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