Iwata Talks about eShop Improvements, Demos and DLC!

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Iwata Talks about eShop Improvements, Demos and DLC!  on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

During an investors meeting held in Japan, Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, spoke of company's upcoming plans to improve the eShop. The first two points he spoke of will be added in next month 3DS update, whilst the other will come at a later date.

The first is the ability to now download demos. Developers will be able to set limitations on the number of times a demo can be played, but Iwata hopes this will help promote eShop software to more people, along with the current rating system already in place.

The second point is the ability for developers to now add expansion content for their games on the eShop, better known as DLC. Iwata said that this is something developers have really been looking forward to. Speaking of downloadable content, you'll also be able to download eShop content whilst your 3DS is in sleep mode. Though it wasn't clear, Iwata did say: "This will lessen the need for the users to patiently wait by while downloading several software titles at once or while downloading software with a large memory capacity." Could this mean you'll be able to download more than one piece of content at a time?

Finally, Iwata spoke of expanding the eShop outside of the 3DS system in a future update. This is going to allow 3DS owners to download eShop content on a computer or a smartphone by allowing web access to it. Nintendo hope this will help spread the word about games through social media. Initially, users won't be able to buy content directly from the web eShop and instead will feature QR codes that can be recognised by the 3DS camera. However, Nintendo plan to add direct purchasing through PC and smartphones in the future.

In summary

- Demos will be available, with a limited amount of plays.
- Developers will be able to add DLC to the eShop.
- Download content when the 3DS is in sleep mode.
- Download eShop content from a computer or smartphone in the future.

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Good stuff, bring this out quick.

It's great to see Nintendo make a good service into an even better one. I wonder whether we'll get demos of full retail games as well as 3DSWare ones. Here's hoping!

( Edited 28.10.2011 16:17 by Mush123 )

A step in the right direction? Thats something new to Nintendo, now allow us to buy full retail games from the eshop and have some sweet deals like steam.

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meowthemouse said:
A step in the right direction? Thats something new to Nintendo, now allow us to buy full retail games from the eshop and have some sweet deals like steam.
With the size of 3DS games vs. the size of SD cards.. you'll probably just be able to fit one game on a 2GB SD card. (I think the minimum cartridge size for the 3DS is 2GB?) If you had a much bigger SD card, it could be done.

Also, the price of the SD card must also be taken into consideration. I believe the biggest SD card out there atm is 128GB and you can pick up one of those for a staggering £160.

Would this beast of an SD card be compatible with the 3DS? My guess is... probably not.

The max capacity SD card the 3DS is compatible with is 32GB. Maybe 64GB, correct me if I'm wrong with both of these. Smilie

Sure, you could get quite a few games on there but why pay more for an SD card when you can just buy the games in their physical form?

It would probably make the 3DS a lot more portable, since you could just boot up games via. the SD card but I really do not see this happening. Maybe in the future if Nintendo give their handhelds a lot more flash memory.

( Edited 28.10.2011 15:55 by Mush123 )

Full sizegame downloads just wouldnt work.
The only reason they work on PC's is because HDD space is cheap everyone has lots of it.
But HDDs would be terrible for a portable console. Power usage goes up massively, reliability goes down hugely. Moving parts = bad.

And, while flash memory is getting bigger and faster all the time ....easily enough to replace CD/DVDs and even BluRays as a transport medium....its no where close to being cheap enough to casualy have terabytes of it in a portable device.

No, if you want "full game" downloads in portable form, the best hope is just for games to get smaller in terms of file size.
Or, alternatively, look to episodic games like TellTales stuff.

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Let me guess, this November update will be on November 30th at 23:59:59? I'm really impatient. Smilie

Also, full game downloads could definitely work. If the PSP can manage, why not 3DS?

( Edited 28.10.2011 17:25 by Ifrit XXII )

Ifrit XXII said:
Let me guess, this November update will be on November 30th at 23:59:59? I'm really impatient. Smilie
It's more likely to be around 3AM GMT, I know I stayed up until the last update came out and it was early hours of the morning. I'm hoping this will be out in the middle of November, not right at the end. I doubt it will be though.

( Edited 28.10.2011 17:23 by Mush123 )

Robert (guest) 28.10.2011#8

Demos again huh? They better do it right this time...

Awesome news, indeed.Smilie This is definitely a big step in the right direction. Makes me all the more giddy to see what they've got planned for Wii U.Smilie

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