Beyond the Labyrinth Gets Limited Edition

By Stuart Lawrence 31.10.2011 3

Beyond the Labyrinth Gets Limited Edition on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Japanese 3DS players who buy Beyond the Labyrinth from Konami's direct sales site could opt for one of two limited editions, with both of them including a swanky 2012 AR calendar along side them.

The "Special version", which costs 6,690 yen, as opposed to the 5,800 yen of the standard edition comes with the game and Calendar alone, which interacts with the in game AR ability which hasn't been expanded upon yet in terms of how it will work. The "Complete Set" contains not only the calendar, but also a 25 track soundtrack from composer Motoi Sakuraba, a cleaning cloth and a poster, all for 9,315 yen. The soundtrack alone is going for 2,625 yen, with it being released the day before the game comes out.

Source: Andriasang

What do you think of these limited editions? Would you like to see these come to the west?

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Ah, the link to Andriasing is broken and I can't seem to fix it.

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AR calendar's a nice idea.

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Fixed the link for you, Stu.

Like the look of this game. Keeping my eye on how it turns out.

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