Beyond the Labyrinth Battle Trailer

By Az Elias 07.11.2011 3

Beyond the Labyrinth Battle Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Tri-Ace have revealed a new video for Beyond the Labyrinth, showcasing the very action packed battle system. Furthermore, you can listen to a whole bunch of wonderful samples from the game's soundtrack right here!


The dungeon crawling RPG is due for release in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on 19th January 2012. Do you like the look of this game? What do you think of the music?

Box art for Beyond the Labyrinth





Real Time RPG



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Looks gorgeous, the battle system does look pretty simple (rock, paper, scissors) but I guess it might be deeper than it seems.

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Definitely like it. Hope we get a release over here.

Pretty impressed with the soundtrack too. Instantly got a FFX and XIII vibe from the trailer music.

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