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EA's Peter Moore Loves Wii U's Online


Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer for Electronic Arts, has been singing his praises about Nintendo's HD console due to be revealed next year, the Wii U. Having already confirmed strong backing from EA, the former head of EA Sports expresses how much he is looking forward to seeing what the console will bring to gaming, as well as raving about its online capabilities.

It’s a very exciting machine and I’m glad to see it out there. I mean, a hi-def Nintendo platform! There’s nothing that could make me happier. Its online capabilities are really extensive, too, so we’ll be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition more easily with our sports lineup. We can’t announce anything yet, but what I can say is that Nintendo is a company that’s been producing new types of play culture for years. The 3DS and Wii U have taken on that DNA, so I really can’t wait to see what kind of new surprises are waiting for us.

Peter Moore was speaking to Famitsu magazine.

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17.11.2011 13:00



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Anyone else get their Zelda SS a day earlier courtesy of amazon (if you chose first class delivery)

LOVING IT! It beautiful even on my Sony Bravia. Controls great.

Senior ModeratorStaff MemberOur member of the week

meeto_0 said:
Anyone else get their Zelda SS a day earlier courtesy of amazon (if you chose first class delivery)

LOVING IT! It beautiful even on my Sony Bravia. Controls great.

Yeah, but you should probably post that in the SS thread instead ;]

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I'm gonna play Zelda on Xbox.

Jman (guest) 18.11.2011 12:02#4

Yeah, there's a reason for EA's love; it's because they're the ones running the show, and trying to keep Steam off, and Origin exclusive to the platform.

Martin_ said:
I'm gonna play Zelda on Xbox.

Where is this comment coming from?

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