Nintendo to Stream Press Conference Tonight

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.12.2011 2

Nintendo to Stream Press Conference Tonight on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Whilst we've been munching poultry and pies, unwrapping presents and binging on films, Nintendo have been prepping a conference.

As well as giving fans a selection of top games to play on 3DS and Wii over the holiday season, Nintendo hope to treat players to a wealth of new content from the beginning of next year and beyond with a live stream in the early hours of Tuesday 27th December.

The Nintendo Direct Press Conference will be broadcase live at 3AM GMT, 12pm Japan time and at 10PM EST.

The show will likely detail key first/third party releases including Kid Icarus and Mario Party 9, plus any newer projects not yet announced.

Via MTV Multiplayer.

To view, simply tune in to the uStream Page.

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Our member of the week

I'd like to watch it live, but that's late for me haha, let's hope I last the night Smilie.

EDIT : I was falling asleep during the conference (not because it was boring, because it was so late XD) . Went to sleep when the Iwata asks sequence about Love Plus started. Seems like nothing big (like... of the same calibre as a certain Monster Hunter 4) was announced after I left.

( Edited 27.12.2011 09:35 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer
Gammalad (guest) 27.12.2011#2

I am hoping to see more about Luigi's Mansion 2!

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