3DS in Japan: It's Over 4 Million

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.12.2011 3

3DS in Japan: It

The holiday season has performed well for Nintendo, with the 3DS slipping past the 4 million mark in Japan.

Sales figures from Enterbrain (via Famitsu) confirm that last week was a rather busy one for retailers with 510,629 leaping off shelves into the hands of lucky new recipients. The added lift during the festive season puts the 3DS's lifetime sales in Japan at a healthy 4,135,739.

The surge was partly due to the recent release of two essential first-party Mario games - Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Both have comfortably sprung past the 1 Million checkpoint already. So far 1,082,391 folk in Japan have hit the racing circuits, with 1,042,511 players pouncing into a new 3D platforming adventure.

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Title for this news article should have been "It's Over 4,000,000". Smilie

But... but...! Okay fine!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Or, "It's over four thousand thousand".

That really is impressive, though. How well did the DS or PSP sell in its first year?

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