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Capcom Planning Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Party

Capcom Planning Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Party on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Can you believe the Resident Evil outbreak has lasted almost fifteen years? Capcom are celebrating the landmark with a party.

According to Andriasang, the The Resident Evil Premium Party will be held on January 20 in Shibuya, Japan to coincide with the release of Revelations on the 3DS. There'll be playable game booths, developers, press and selected guests (whether alive or not is uncertain).

96 lucky fans of the Resident Evil Fan Club will be able to grab tickets to the rather exclusive event.

In Europe the series has its birthday on August 1 2012, with Japan and North America receiving bragging rights with an earlier anniversary in March. It's uncertain whether other regions will also celebrate in a similar way, though with the franchise radiating global appeal, parties are likely.

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Box art for Resident Evil Revelations








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