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Nintendo to Release Snakeskin 3DS for Metal Gear Solid 3D

Nintendo to Release Snakeskin 3DS for Metal Gear Solid 3D on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Earlier this week Kojima Productions teased a new 3DS Metal Gear Solid hardware bundle and today revealed a little more.

Series creator Hideo Kojima today tweeted fans with a snippet of what to expect from the new hardware. Instead of being a regular 3DS with a standard logo slapped on the front, Kojima and the team are taking the branding a step further with a snakeskin 3DS.

Fortunately no actual snakes were harmed in the production of the new look hardware, instead it will take on a snake pattern embossed shell like the image below. Further details are expected on January 20th.

Image for Nintendo to Release Snakeskin 3DS for Metal Gear Solid 3D
Image for Nintendo to Release Snakeskin 3DS for Metal Gear Solid 3D

Not wanting to shell out on a new console? Periperhal makers Hori have some branded accessories and stickers to be available alongside the release of Snaker Eater 3D next year.

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29.12.2011 20:35



Box art for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

Kojima Productions







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Staff Member

I can already see it coming, PETA making a website called "Snake kills Snakes!!". Smilie

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

I can forsee a worse headline "NINTENDO Kills Snakes" or "Nintendo Kids Subject to Snake Skin Torture".

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

"Nintendo's Morals not so Solid"

"Treat to Snakes Rising"

"Snakes on a strike"

"Nintendo's stomach, not so solid"

Staff Member

Just what did I start here? Smilie

toma92X (guest) 30.12.2011 12:06#6

Are you sure PETA cares about a snake? They're not that popular amongst the general population I don't think. Nobody trusts a snake. And they're not even fluffy.

Rol5 (guest) 31.12.2011 11:49#7

Yep I am all over this!

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