Worldwide Wii U Release for 2012

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.01.2012 2

Worldwide Wii U Release for 2012 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Santa and his crew of elves will have a fair bit of work on their hands with Nintendo reiterating a 2012 worldwide Wii U launch.

Today perhaps wasn't the best page in the Japanese giant's books, given a significant loss for the current fiscal year, and lower than expected sales predicted as the clock ticks towards March 31st. Company boss Satoru Iwata did have a more positive announcement for eager investors: The Wii U.

The next in the long line of home consoles from Nintendo, the direct successor to the Wii, has been brewing behind the scenes and Iwata reiterated a 2012 launch for the new system - more interestingly it will arrive in time for Christmas in all major regions - North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

The final hardware is expected to make a full reveal at this year's E3 Expo between June 5th and 7th 2012.

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"in time for christmas" still sort of means between now and the end of the year, way to keep it vage as usual Nintendo. 4th quarter? thats alot longer than expected, infact, i kinda figured there arnt really any more great Wii titles comming to fill the time, what with Xenoblade and last story getting over sea releases, i figured nintendo were trying to fill the few months wii had left, but this news leaves nearly a full year to fill, so, what are us Wii owners getting then..?

I'm guessing Nintendo wants to push out the WiiU as soon as possible, at least in Japan where Wii sales are approaching Xbox 360 levels. But releasing the hardware before any games are ready isn't exactly something to hope for. Remember people criticizing the 3DS for Nintendo releasing it too early?

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