Mewtwo for Pokémon Black and White

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.01.2012 9

Mewtwo for Pokémon Black and White on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The once legendary Mewtwo has decided to come out of hiding and become available for Pokémon Black and White trainers.

For those unaware of Mewtwo's prowess, he lurked deep within a cave in the original Pokémon/Kanto generation, requiring a fair bit of skill to eventually catch. His moves were amongst the strongest in the game, and a proved a major advantage in battles against fellow human folk.

The king of psychic abilities, fan favourite and star of the first Pokémon flick, will be available to download onto your pack for a limited time from February 12th. #150 will also be able to learn an exclusive move that the original Red and Blue version had no idea about, but the exact move is a mystery for now.

Will you be downloading your Mewtwo in the distribution event next month?

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requiring a fair bit of skill to eventually catch.

All you have to do is throw the master ball! Smilie

Nothing in pokemon will ever be as awesome as Mewtwo in RBY. The Dark type and the influx of other legendaries have obviously made him more balanced now-a-days.

I caught him with a Great Ball in Red, I know it seems impossible, but it happened.

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Guest 27.01.2012#3

The master ball is for pussies!!!

Hotmonchan (guest) 27.01.2012#4

Mewtwo is such a skank anyway, nerfed to the max. I had ,,6 for pokemon stadium

For some reason, Mewtwo is one of the Pokemon I least liked in the first generation. Personally, he looks weird, not badass, and I guess the fact that he's human created has always thrown me off.

Mewtwo was my favorite pokemon back in Red/Blue, possibly just because it was my first Uber.

( Edited 27.01.2012 18:23 by PMD )

Caught with a great ball also on Red version many moons ago.


I killed him cause he was being a douche.

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