Ace Attorney 5 Now Official - Any Objections?

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.01.2012 7

Ace Attorney 5 Now Official - Any Objections? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Capcom held a 10th Anniversary event today for the popular Ace Attorney franchise today, confirming the next installment in the series.

Eager fans have anticipated news on a new game and the publisher delivered an official stamp on Ace Attorney 5, confirming the existence of a new game with a nifty logo. Unfortunately platforms, characters and platforms were not mention, but one would expect at least a Nintendo 3DS edition in the mix.

Also in Ace Attorney news was an update promised for the iOS/iPhone application - bringing the three original games in the series to the platform, complete with updated 'HD' sprite work.

Image for Ace Attorney 5 Now Official - Any Objections?

Via Famitsu.

What do you hope for in the next entry? A return for Phoenix Wright, a new Apollo Justice arc or a completely different cast entirely?

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It's about time for the iOS games, though knowing Capcom they'll keep them in Japan like they did with Ghost Trick. :/

As for AA5, I'm betting 3DS/Vita simultaneous release, definitely 3DS at the very least because of the Layton/Ace Attorney crossover.

( Edited 21.05.2013 06:52 by Guest )

Blaze (guest) 29.01.2012#2

What I hope is that it's released in America.
Which it won't.

( Edited 05.07.2013 07:32 by Guest )

Blaze (guest) said:
What I hope is that it's released in America.
Which it won't.

And Europe.
3DS is region locked so even if it comes to US Europeans are still fucked lmao.

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Still no new Mega Man game...

( Edited 05.07.2013 07:32 by Guest )

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

Since we're missing out on Miles Edgeworth 2, we can't be certain that this 3DS (right?) game will be released over here...

SuperShyGuy62 said:
Still no new Mega Man game...

To be fair, AA5 and other announcements were revealed as part of the Ace Attorney 10th Anniversary celebration.

The system hasn't been confirmed yet, but 3DS is a very safe bet.

( Edited 30.01.2012 15:28 by SuperLink )

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Monkey D Super (guest) 01.02.2012#7

This better not become AAI2 all over again or Capcom will burn.:-x

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