Nintendo 3DS Gets King of Soccer in US

By Adam Riley 06.02.2012 1

Nintendo 3DS Gets King of Soccer in US on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Konami has announced that the highly anticipated fan favourite, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D is now available for the Nintendo 3DS. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D offers a variety of new features that will allow fans to experience the game-play like never before.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D offers unrivalled realism, and allow users exclusive entry into its recreation of the UEFA Champions League and also allows users to experience the thrills of South America's high-intensity Copa Libertadores. Full control is offered over the game, with every pass, through ball, tackle and shot left to the player, and accessible through either the analogue stick and buttons, or by a new touch-screen control system where players use the stylus to move their players.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D focuses on the skills on show via a number of new, intelligent camera views that pan and swoop to cover the on-pitch action and show off the 3D powers of the Nintendo handheld. Players are also invited to hone their skills in a number of game modes. The eternally popular Master League option made famous by previous home format versions of Pro Evolution Soccer is now a vital part of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D, and allows users to shape and develop a team of unknowns into a dynamic football force. Similarly, the game's new "Become a Legend" option takes a more personal look at the game, charging the player with the progression of one player trying to establish themselves as a world-class talent.

With 3D imaging capability, Pro Evolution Soccer fans will have the most authentic soccer experience short of actually stepping onto the field and scoring a goal. We're thrilled to offer this new version to Pro Evolution Soccer with enhanced images to fans around the world."
- Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Other new additions include new League and Cup competitions, Free Training where the multi-layered controls elements can be practiced, and an Edit Mode wherein the players and their kits can be adapted. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D also boasts a strong online element following huge demands for fans of the series. In addition, gamers can now play against a friend in one-on-one games through both the wireless and Wi-Fi settings, while KONAMI has implemented a new take on the StreetPass system of data exchange. The Master League team data can be exchanged with other users, and fans can play against with the exchanged team. In this case, the exchanged team is to be played by CPU.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D is now available for purchase at retailers across the US for US$29.99 on Nintendo 3DS.

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sammy (guest) 10.02.2012#1

I Love you Aston!

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