Dr. Kawashima Turns into a 3D Demon

By Jorge Ba-oh 22.02.2012 2

Dr. Kawashima Turns into a 3D Demon on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Remember the cheerful Dr. Kawashima of Brain Age and Brain Training? Well he's back, taking on a slightly more demonic guise.

Announced today, the untitled project from the smart Japanese man of all things sight and numbers will once again see his polygon head requesting players to undergo a series of brain-tinkling challenges. However, it will be a tad harder this time - with Iwata teasing that the good doctor may just turn bad...

Image for Dr. Kawashima Turns into a 3D Demon

Via Siliconera.

Box art for Dr. Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused?
Also known as

Brain Age: Concentration Training









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The most exciting news to come out of Nintendo Direct, for me.

Hell yes. Smilie

Hoping it's an eShop title, for convenience more than anything. Smilie

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