GAME Reads The Last Story, Returns to Library

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.02.2012 8

GAME Reads The Last Story, Returns to Library on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Are you one of the eager RPG beavers awaiting your copy of The Last Story, or thinking of getting yours in GAME. Think again.

The future is looking a little bleak for the UK video game retailer with stock and credit issues causing disruption in the newest releases - even some of the more popular titles unable to grace store shelves.

One of these victims is now the Wii-exclusive The Last Story - the retailer has cancelled all pre-orders of both the limited and standard editions, and will be refunding all £5 deposits.

Earlier this week the Special Edition copies were downgraded to "normal" status, but since then all editions have been cancelled.

The situation may change, according to GAME Group Marketing Director Anna-Marie Mason mentioned in an interview earlier this week, but for now the Mistwalker-developed Wii exclusive you will have to grab elsewhere.

Via VG247.

Original Story:
Following on from reports of GAME UK having trouble stocking Nintendo 3DS title Tekken 3D Prime Edition and dropping Ubisoft's PlayStation Vita launch games, news has now emerged that the limited edition version of Nintendo and Mistwalker's Wii RPG, The Last Story, will also not be available at the UK largest retailer. Any pre-orders that customers have made have now been cancelled, with a recommendation that the standard version is bought instead (something the store is stocking).

Both SKUs will be arriving in Europe this coming Friday, 24th February, 2012, with the superior copy coming in a Steelbook case, featuring the game, the sublime soundtrack from Nobuo Uematsu, and an art book.

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Who still buys from these shops anyway? The pricing is always higher than online retailers. I can't remember the last time I bought a game from a high street shop.

Occasionally they have a good offer, like Skyrim for half price before Christmas. Quite rare though

Ah right, bad times for GAME.

Even their pre-owned prices are overpriced most of the time.

Still though, if it goes under, that's a lot of jobs lost.

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I remember working for game as a xmas temp 3 years ago in Sheffield. I thought it would be a dream retail job. They are shit. They make you stay half an hour after closing unpaid to clean the store. They legally have this written into your contract.

Some pre owned games only have 1 or 2 quid knocked of the rrp. At xmas they have terrible practices (especially on years that they have console launches) they take the worst of the launch games and bundle 5 of them with a console and throw in really cheap third party peripherals and charge hundreds of pounds.

The parents that allow themselves to feel guilty for not having the newest console for xmas cave and over stretch themselves. Its all so ugly.

Game was always terrible, its outrageous they were allowed to buy Gamestation.
Even with a monopoly they still fail - typical. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Always a shame to see a high street chain go under - and if this happens it only decreases the visibility of gaming which can't be good.

However good riddance to them - living off pre-owned games and never stocking anything over a couple of months old - they feed off ignorant parents. Won't be missed.

Wow, a lot of GAME hatred going around...

Game are alright, not much different to any other gaming shop. Just the other week I got Advance Wars: Days of Ruin preowned for a fiver from there.

Me (guest) 29.02.2012#8

They're not stocking Mass Effect 3, which Would be a major release. Things look bleak for game right now, HMV have managed to get around their issues, but GAME seem to be havin serious problems

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