N64 Month | Cubed3's Top Nintendo 64 Adverts - Part 1

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.03.2012 4

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The 90s had a very distinctive flavour when it came to advertising, both in print and when you'd glare at the latest releases on your living room television. Whether simply a sign of the times, or an excuse to mask the quality of games with wacky action, these adverts certainly are in a league of their own. Even some of the worse off titles had brilliant advertising.

Perhaps nostalgia is once again running rampant, but more contemporary advertising is just lacking that charm and of course, cheese. Whilst a cheerful family playing together is good to see, it's hard to say no to good old fashioned marketing insanity.

It was a tough selection process, but after many hours spent gorging on classic television moments, the Cubed3 team put together twenty must-see advertisements from the Nintendo 64 era.

In the first of four parts, here is just the icing on the delicious cake.

20) Starcraft 64 (US)


19) Sin and Punishment (JP)


18) Glover (US)


17) Banjo Kazooie (JP)


16) Mischief Makers (US)


Did you enjoy/remember any of these Nintendo 64 adverts? What are you favourites?

Watch this space for the remainder of our Top 20 Nintendo 64 adverts.

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Those 2 creepy Majora's Mask commercials about the end of the world... <3
Oh and Super Smash Bros. of course. Smilie

Canyarion said:
Those 2 creepy Majora's Mask commercials about the end of the world... <3
Oh and Super Smash Bros. of course. Smilie

You read our mind Smilie Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Ocarina of Time's was also pretty epic, I bet it's in this list as well.

Monkey D Super (guest) 09.03.2012#4

Holy ****! I had completely forgot about the Mischief Makers commercial, I always was freaked out by the eyes at the end.

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